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Speakout 5/22

Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Call 471-6636

I noticed that Town & Country advertises in a sale bill in Wednesday's Standard Democrat. Has Sikeston ever had a Town & Country in all the years that's gone by in this town?

Will the person who repairs clocks please leave the number in SpeakOut?

Edgar Kinser (573) 568-4628.

I'm sure glad the Sikeston Police Department has a dog now, because if you watch COPS on TV, the people that they're after, they're not afraid of the police because they know the police won't shoot them. But they're afraid of the dog. As soon as they hear the dog bark, they get down on the ground and give up. I think it's really good that DPS has a dog.

This is to all the persons who are down on farmers. Do you know where your food comes from and the cotton for your clothes? Ask yourself these questions.

This is to the person who complained about the farmers who worked on Sunday, Mother's Day. Every time you shovel food into your mouth, I hope you're thinking about how you got that food. It was because of the farmers. Not everybody can be off work on Sundays, whether they're farmers, factory workers or if you work in a gas station. Times aren't like they used to be, where you could be off on Sundays.

I am calling about Sikeston Middle School. If you don't have a lunch identification card, you can't eat. They're just going to let the kids sit there and starve to death? They'll give them a peanut butter sandwich or a cheese sandwich and milk. That's real healthy. They talk about how good the schools are and that they're supposed to take care of the kids and give them a well-balanced meal in case they don't get one at home. I can remember that from when I was in school. But they're not going to let them eat? What's wrong with this?

You have been grossly misinformed. If the student forgets the ID card, they don't get the regular meal, but they do get an alternate meal. Nobody is ever denied the alternate meal, even though it may not be something they like. Only a few kids out of the many who attend the Middle School ever forget their cards.

I read the May 16 SpeakOut article, "Where's the story?" The man who was put in the police car in the 200 block of Kate Street on May 8 has a brother on the police force. Does this tell you where the story is? The Standard was right. They can't print anything until the police gives them the report. Maybe someday the story will appear.