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SpeakOut 1/9

Friday, January 9, 2004

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Sikeston is paying as much as we will for cable. If the rates are raised again I and hundreds of others will change to Dish. No ifs ands or butts. You money suckers are not going to take us for a ride any longer. Join me, Sikeston, If they raise the rates, let's drop them. They will come down to our lifestyle or they can go straight to hell. They are rich enough.

This is in reply to the Dec. 29 article about farmers feeding everyone. It sure isn't out of the goodness of their hearts. It's from the profits they receive from it. If they were not making a profit out of it, as they claim, then go to one of their homes and ask for help (food, clothing or money) and see how much goodness is in their hearts then. As for the statement of them not liking money from the government, but that it's the only way they can make ends meet, please don't insult everyone's intelligence by making such a stupid statement like this. Welfare, disability and programs are good programs if they're not abused, which is a very small percentage that are not. For kids and elderly who need medical attention but can't afford it, or who can't afford to eat regularly because of government red tape, that's pretty sad. I just don't know how you can take money for something you don't deliver and then lay down and sleep at night without thinking about these people.

People have been calling SpeakOut about farmers and welfare. I am not a farmer and I do not draw welfare but I feel that it is not really the same. Yes, the farmers get a supplement check for crops, but it is not welfare. Welfare is people who just lay on their butts and draw a check. At one time, my sister had to draw a welfare check. Her husband had left her and she had nothing. She went to sign up for welfare to get money to pay her bills. I'm talking about the ones who don't do anything. The farmers, it's a shame you see them building new houses all the time and driving new cars all the time. That is a government check, but the check is for the crops that are not market value. We all need each other. Some of the people on welfare are good people and need help; others are just lazy. You get the same thing about farmers. But we need each other so let's stop dogging the farmers paying people who are on welfare.

The new law that is going into effect for long-distance truckers who will be required to drive a certain amount of hours and then stop to rest is good and is long overdue. My wife and I have taken long trips in our 32-foot motor home. It makes a nervous wreck out of you, the way some of the truckers drive. You just have to keep your cool. They drive like they can't wait to get there and some of them drive when they're sleepy as heck. They make all kinds of shows on the road when they don't get their sleep. It's a good law. They passed the law where truckers can pull two trailers. That is a dangerous law. A lot of the roads aren't wide enough and don't have enough shoulder and here come them rigs with double trailers behind them. That's a law that shouldn't have been passed. I don't know who came up with that one. That was stupid and I'd like to see them do away with that one.