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Keep signs and posters in the proper place

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

I realize there are much more important problems facing our community, but I am tired of seeing "illegal" posters on the railroad and highway right-of-ways advertising a going-out-of-business sale for a local retail outlet. I know there are city ordinances prohibiting these signs but I also realize that it takes time and energy to remove them. And don't expect the store to remove them - they are about to shut their doors and leave town anyway.

It really makes you wonder - if these signs are so effective in alerting the public to the going-out-of-business sale, why don't stores just clutter the right-of-ways daily? It seems a bit late in the game to me to be trying to garner public attention.

Actually, the same goes for political candidates. I think yard signs for politicians are ineffective. But I understand that they are used to build momentum and hopefully that translates into votes come election day. But there's no place for election signs on highway right-of-ways. Put the signs in the yards or businesses and leave the right-of-ways uncluttered. I pledge here and now not to vote for any candidate who places signs in taxpayer-funded public areas. Put them on private property, put them on your car, put them where the sun don't shine. But leave the right-of-ways unfettered by your signs.

There has been a group of young men who have tried at least three or four times in the past year to collect money from motorists at the Main and Malone intersection. They know it is against city ordinance but they try nonetheless until the police tell them to move on. But then they return and make their collections until told once again.

Here's a novel thought. Fine those who post illegal signs on the right-of-ways or who try to turn Main and Malone into panhandler's paradise. Though their mission and their message may be appropriate, they are choosing the wrong location. A fine or two and the problem will be solved.

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