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Speakout 2/16

Monday, February 16, 2004

It shouldn't be too difficult to find the people who need to be charged with homicide in the explosion of the people working at the gaseous diffusion plant. Just go up the chain of command at the time it was decided to have people work in that situation. Of course, the people at the top have to take the main responsibility. But that's why so much is declassified in this society. Just as the federal government classifies the dirty dealings that are going on with taxpayers' money, you by the same token in this community withhold information of meetings until the last minute, making it impossible for a lot of people to go. Your real interest in keeping the general public from meetings and holding secret meetings is to conceal the dishonest dealings that you all are involved in. Isn't that true? Otherwise, everyone in the community should be able to hear what the plans are, what's involved and what's going on. If you were on the up-and-up, that's the way it would be.

A recent St. Louis Post-Dispatch headline stated "Known liar provided U.S. with prewar data on arms." Why would anyone care what Bill Clinton said?

I am totally against Tony Heckemeyer. He says he is pro-life. He means he's against abortion, all right, but he doesn't want any laws against it. He's pro-choice when it comes to the law but he's pro-life when it comes to his own personal beliefs. That's kind of what people believed back in the slavery days. They were against slavery personally but were for states having the right to own slaves. That sounds like a real Democrat to me. That's what they were like in the 1800s and that's what they're like today. They say one thing but believe another.

I called in an announcement for a chili dinner at the Vanduser Fire Department but didn't see it in the paper. Why?

Call 471-6980 for calendar of events announcements. SpeakOut is not transcribed every day so your call was missed. The chili dinner was Feb. 8 and this set of calls was transcribed after that date.

I would like to thank the nice lady for cleaning the snow and ice off my porch and steps. She was a very nice lady and also came back to see if I needed anything from the store. We sure do need a lot of people who do great deeds for the old people. May God bless her family and may her life be filled with joy and peace.

I'm so glad the federal income tax came out with e-file. I save $154 this year by e-filing and finally figured out how to send my Missouri state tax off. Thank you, government. It's about time you made it a little easier for us to do our own taxes and save money.

You can also e-file Missouri tax returns.