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Saving face (and more)

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Melissa McLain demonstrates the Intense Palomar Pulsed Light System.
SIKESTON - There is no fountain of youth.

But even though you can't become younger, Skin Medics is working to help people look younger and more attractive. Owned by and operated under the supervision of Dr. Ken Stone, Skin Medics provides non-surgical alternatives in skin care for patients.

"We treat acne, rosacea, blemishes, problems caused by sun damage, wrinkles," said Stone. The list goes on, he said, adding they can also provide hair removal, collagen rejuvenation and more.

Beginning with a free consultation, technician Melissa McLain reviews the patient's skin issues and desired goal through treatment. Together McLain and the patient design a program to provide optimal skin care.

"We not only talk about care but about prevention of further damage," said McLain.

Procedures available through the office can include the Intense Palomar Pulsed Light Systems. Part of the laser family, McLain explained the system emits intense lamplight through one of four attachments, each providing a different intensity.

One attachment is designed to provide photo-rejuvenation of the skin, said the technician. "This is used to treat deep acne and sun damage. It evens out the complexion and even helps treat the spider veins on a person's face," McLain said.

Other attachments are used in hair removal, using heat to loosen the hair and disable the cells responsible for growing new hair. She estimated in three to five treatments, a patient sees 92 percent reduction in hair in the area treated.

"There is no other laser more effective for hair removal than IPL," insisted McLain. "And we can do hair removal on any color of skin," added Michelle Stone, who assists in the office.

Both agreed that since offering the treatment beginning in June, it has been very well received. Many of their recent patients are a result of customer referrals and repeat business, Mrs. Stone noted.

"They call it a lunch-time procedure," she said. "There is no down time to it. You can have your face done, get rid of sun damage and be back at the office."

McLain explained most people experience some tenderness and mild redness as a result of treatment but added this is temporary. The staff uses a topical anesthetic, along with ice, producing effective results in easing any discomfort, she said.

In addition the use of Levulan Kerastick is available; this increases the efficiency of the IPL procedures some three to four times, Stone said.

He added the IPL system is often considered the first line of treatment in dealing with acne. Also insurance companies may not cover the costs of some medications, Stone noted.

Those who choose the system for hair removal have found it equally effective, McLain said. She recalled one woman who had unwanted facial hair removed. "After the treatments she hugged my neck and said, 'I can start dating again'," said the technician with a smile.

While many of the patients choose the removal of facial hair, the staff has used the process to remove back and neck hair and even provide hair removal along the bikini line.

While the IPL system is effective for many facial problems, the staff also makes use of DiamondTome Wand, a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment which uses natural diamond chips to exfoliate the skin while removing dead skin cells.

"This is great for reducing fine lines," said Mrs. Stone. "It stimulates the growth of collagen which plumps your face and works to clean out your pores."

McLain said some patients describe it as a mini-facial, noting it provides the deep cleansing results without the down time of a chemical peel.

According to the local doctor, Skin Medics is the only facility between St. Louis and Memphis to offer this system. The fastest-growing cosmetic procedure in the industry, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is Botox injections. In 2001, more than 1.6 million people received injections, an increase of 46 percent over the previous year and the numbers continue to grow annually.

Approved by the FDA and available through Skin Medics, Botox uses a series of tiny injections into the muscles to reduce lines between the brows or wrinkles around the eyes. Another alternative is using injections of collagen and hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers in combination to remove unwanted lines and wrinkles.

To complete skin care services, Skin Medics even carries a line of skin products. The SkinCeuticals products are designed to reduce the appearance of lines, lighten the overall appearance of the skin and prevent further damage to the skin, McLain said.

The staff at Skin Medics expect business to continue to grow. To meet the demand for their services, the office, located at 121 Smith St., will soon be expanding.

"People love it," concluded Mrs. Stone about their services. "That is one of the best things about Skin Medics - people appreciate the service and we get to hear from them how happy they are with the results."

Skin Medics, a part of First Choice Family, is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.