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Comment will not help the campaign

Thursday, October 17, 2002

Sen. Jean Carnahan has apologized for her unusual comment last week about Osama bin Laden. Carnahan told a Democratic luncheon last week: "I'm the No. 1 target of the White House. They can't get Osama bin Laden, so they're going to get me." Her apology will soften the blow but her comment will remain part of the political landscape of 2002.

Here's what I find interesting about the comment. Not for one minute do I believe her comment was an off-the-cuff remark that seemed humorous at the time but proved to be a bit of a political bombshell. I believe her comment was a scripted line since most of what she says is prepared by her handlers. And for someone at that lofty political level to make such a comment is disappointing.

I most certainly don't question Jean Carnahan's patriotism or her burning desire - like all Americans - to resolve the issues of terrorism. But dropped comments like this one make you question those advisors who hold her hand and guide her political future.

Carnahan was quick to apologize for her comments as well she should have. But she tried to weave politics into a subject that has nothing to do with the political arena. And for that she most certainly owed an apology.

To his credit, her GOP opponent Jim Talent declined to attack the unusual comment. He said he assumed she meant nothing by the comment and that an apology would end the brouhaha. But others were not as kind as Talent. The voters may not be that kind either.

With Carnahan trailing in the most recent polls, she desperately needs headlines to focus on her positions on the issues of this race. These headlines however are not what Jean Carnahan needed and they are not what this race needed either.

Apology accepted but not forgotten.

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