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SpeakOut 10/17

Thursday, October 17, 2002

Call 471-6636

I want to talk to the former Republican who is now a Democrat. In the Oct. 3 paper the person talked about how far ahead Missouri is than our neighboring states. I wish they would give a few examples. The caller also said Kentucky has a Republican governor. I believe he's the opposite. The fellow with the sex scandal over there is a Democrat. If you watch Channel 6 news a little longer, you will find out a few facts about Kentucky.

I live in East Prairie and we have been with some people who were looking for a FHA house. I live on Helen Street and it's not the FHA houses that are filthy, but in the trailers, you should see all the trash and how scummy-looking they are. Why would people want to live on that street when they won't even make them clean it up. I thought they had an ordinance against that. Trash is picked up every Wednesday and Friday in East Prairie and nobody ever cleans up over there in the trailer park.

I would like to comment on Mike Jensen's editorial about all the trash that was left in the streets of Sikeston after the Cotton Carnival Parade. We just experienced the same thing here in Portageville tonight (Oct. 3) following our Soybean Festival Parade. The trash was horrible up and down the street. I agree they need to stop this and keep our communities cleaner. I was ashamed of our streets.

Why can people here in East Prairie run businesses in residential areas and park their equipment all over and have trash all in their yard and drive their big semi-trucks down the roads in a residential neighborhood.

This is to the person who thinks you shouldn't be able to vote because you draw welfare, if you have nothing better to do than to call SpeakOut you shouldn't be able to vote either.

I'm calling about the Oct. 4 comment, "Rights should be earned." Yes, I agree with whoever called about the inmates. They get more things and food than people out here do. But the people on welfare, you say "big checks." You need to draw welfare for two months. By the time you pay your light bill, water bill and phone bill you're broke. Why don't you put in here about farmers not having a right to vote. Now that's welfare to you. Why couldn't you say farmers shouldn't be able to vote? You should add the farmers to your statement too because when people on welfare get their checks, by the time they pay one bill, they are broke.

I'm calling about the Oct. 4 SpeakOut, "Rights should be earned." I have a question for you, caller. What if you're disabled? Should you not still have the right to vote? Whoever you are, I'm only 35 years old and am totally disabled and yes, I do draw food stamps but I draw no welfare on my children whatsoever. Don't ever say we should lose our rights. We're poor people. I don't know if you're poor or if you're just one of these rich high-falluting-looking people out there that drives all these nice cars and thinks everything comes out of your pocket. Well, it doesn't. I pay taxes, I pay for my children. Don't ever think people like me are deadbeats because I am not. I am a human just like you. You may need help some day, and do you know what? I may be the one who has to take care of you and I may just walk by.

In defense of the Oct. 4 comment, the caller did not mention disabled and senior citizens. It referred only to prison inmates and then to welfare recipients for whom welfare has become a way of life.

Regarding Mr. Jensen's editorial on testing elderly drivers could be a life saver. As much as I would hate to lose my driver's license, I agree with him completely. Illinois has had this practice for years with an on-the-road driving test for drivers beyond a certain age. It's an annual test there as I understand it and I think it's an excellent idea.