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SpeakOut 10/16

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Call 471-6636

I'm calling in regards to "Dress for the occasion." I happen to work in one of those Sikeston night clubs and the reason we don't let anyone in with a muscle shirt is that it's a fight waiting to happen. It does not matter if they start it or not. Someone in the bar will pick a fight with them. It's not because you're "poor white trash," it's not because of anything else other than it's a fight waiting to happen.

In response to "Dress for the occasion" in your Oct. 1 edition, you can bring your "poor white trash" over to Morehouse where we'll treat you right. Wear your muscle shirt or your long flannel PJs. We don't care. We have fun. Be sure to bring one of your friends. We also have pool and darts over here.

This is for the person talking about "Dress for the occasion." There's an easy answer to your problem. Do like I did. I stopped the drugs and alcohol and went to an altar. And where I go people don't call you "poor white trash." You're welcome to the Lord's house.

I recently called in about a mother who was bragging about spending her money on crack cocaine and the good people of the Lord made sure her kids had a good Christmas. It helped three people I know of to come off drugs. It would be nice to see more.

The chances of Hussein in Iraq getting a bomb over 5,000 miles over water in an airplane or missile are slim indeed, since we have anti-aircraft and anti-missiles that are built to shoot down both. We have these in the gulf, we have them on the east coast and we have them on the west coast. Five billion dollars a month to a country that needs to put this money in many much needed places is ridiculous for this war. Surely the American people aren't this stupid.

To the people who called in whining about the cable being out, who cares? Get another company.

To the person who is running the gymnastics company here in Sikeston, you're not a non-profit organization and I resent having little girls showing up at my door to sell cookies for you to buy supplies for your company.

I'm having a little trouble here. I served in the U.S. Marine Corps and am proud to fly my flag out in front of my house. I have done so for many years. Somebody has gone and lifted it - stole my flag. How low can you go? I think the young people who did this should have a tour in the military or maybe live in a foreign country and they could realize how much that flag means to me and how much it means to other Americans.

I want to comment on the Oct. 3 SpeakOut, "Good idea." The church across from the senior high school is not a Lutheran church. There is only one Lutheran church in town and that is at Park and Wakefield.

Mike, thank you for the editorial about the mess on the streets after the parade. I hope everyone who left litter on the streets read your editorial and felt so guilty that they will think twice the next thing around. Now we have a mess of an old refrigerator in the yard at the house where there was a mess in the yard before. Now something good. Going down West Malone, I noticed a mural of older men sitting on a bench. It is so lifelike, it's wonderful! Do you know who painted this? My thanks to whoever it is.

Can anyone give me any information about the twirlers who were pictured on the front page of the Sept. 30 paper? I was really impressed with them and would like to enroll my child.