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Speakout 12/16

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

I would like to thank the person who found my purse at Market Place and turned it into the store. There are still some honest people in the world. Thank you, Sarah Griffith.

Current world history

The capture of Saddam Hussein is as big in history as the fall of Hitler, the death of Napoleon, the surrender of the Japanese, the death of President John F. Kennedy and the fall of Russia. Take the time to point out this period of the world's history to your children. They will be reading this in the school books of their children decades from now.

Mike, everyone keeps asking, so why was Alfonzo Rodriguez just roaming the streets. The answer is very simple. We have to keep guys like that out of prison so we can continue to make room for all of the first-time, non-violent drug offenders that we continue to build more and more prisons to house. What a joke. When will we ever learn?

Everybody who is buying everything from China, I would like to inform them that we ladies don't like these thin dresses for winter. We'd like to have some sleeves and clothes that cover our bodies. You have smaller older ladies who need sleeves and necks in their clothes. Americans like our clothes designed a little differently than the ones from China.

To the person called in about the cold kids, maybe if you stop listening to hearsay and actually see what goes on in a school day, you would see that the teachers and principals are educated professionals who care about the students and their school. I have a child in the Fifth Grade Center and I know for a fact that my child and the other students are in the building when it is raining or very cold. It seems to me that you need to get a life.