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Bad advice will not help Bush campaign

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

National political pundits and polls clearly indicate President George W. Bush should have a fairly easy re-election bid come November given the slate of potential Democratic opposition. Now nothing is a guarantee in the world of politics, as you well know, and President Bush hasn't helped himself in recent days. From my view, it's time for Bush to surround himself with a few new advisors. The current crop are not pleasing conservatives by any means.

The Bush plan to grant blanket amnesty for as many as 10 million illegal immigrants is a wrong decision most Republicans can't defend. The economic arguments fall by the wayside given the erosion that will result from this failed plan.

The Democrats meanwhile find themselves in an awkward position because they too want the Latino vote this November and to torpedo the Bush plan outright would be political suicide, especially in some western states and Florida. But the Bush plan would eventually bring about a change in our society so drastic that the result would be disastrous. To sacrifice the future of this great nation because of votes is wrong. To sacrifice the future of this great nation because some jobs in this country are not acceptable to our workforce is wrong. And we'll pay an enormous price.

No sooner had the amnesty plan unfolded then Bush announces plans to return to the Moon and eventually to Mars. Space exploration is surely important but it pales in comparison to some of our more pressing issues. Why would anyone advise our President to unveil these plans at this time? I don't for a minute believe this was a Bush initiative; I believe it came from those same trusted advisors who offered the amnesty plan.

Don't misunderstand. I'll vote for Bush this November and proudly cast that vote. But that doesn't mean lock-step agreement with all things Bush. I believe the majority of Republicans - or Democrats for that matter - feel the same way about their party leaders.

I believe the amnesty plan will suffer so many changes before it becomes a reality that it will gain the support of most Americans. And I also believe that Mars can wait until we find a cure for the common cold.

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