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Television provides little 'real' news

Friday, February 27, 2004

At a time when America is zeroing-in on Osama, at a time when the Democratic presidential nominee will likely be decided on Tuesday and at a time when discussions are under way on changing the Social Security system, why are we fed a daily diet of Rosie O'Donnell's wedding? It's just sadly an indication of the interest level in this nation. And much of that blame falls on the shoulders of the national television networks that feed this appetite.

I'm not sure about you, but I couldn't care less if Rosie weds or parades down Main Street naked at high noon. Yet the airwaves were clogged yesterday with a steady parade of Rosie updates as she joined others in San Francisco to wed her longtime partner. You would think the viewing public had better things to do.

The brouhaha over the San Francisco marriage-go-round is a creation of television. It matters little to me if the process is legal - that's up to the courts and, in California, the courts obviously rule all activities. And Rosie's breathless adventure flying from New York to San Franciso to join the parade leaves me yawning.

But a nation that witnesses Michael Jackson flying to a court appearance as if it were a true news event is in pathetic shape to begin with. As television viewers, we have little choice. What were once proud news networks have now stooped to the lowest level of Hollywood coverage masquerading as news.

Granted, most people are not political junkies and cannot absorb too much "real" news because, quite frankly, most of the "nuts and bolts" news goes above their head. So we're left to debate Rosie's wedding in the coffee shops - we'll leave the heavy lifting to someone else.

Let's see - Rosie's magazine went belly-up, her television show was canceled and, from all appearances, her phone isn't ringing with job offers. So what's a good way to keep your mug before the cameras?

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