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Friday, Aug. 26, 2016

Speakout 8/12

Monday, August 12, 2002

To the Democrat who was griping about the 401K values going down, my 401K went south a long time before Bush got in - two years before he got in. Clinton's crap was catching up with him before he got out. He had them CEOs; he played god for that Enron man. He was there for every other week for two years, as they said. He was a liar himself and taught all those people how to lie. We've got a good, decent man in there now that's president. But a lot of people in America don't want a good man. All they understand is the almighty dollar.

This is to the heartless person who dropped their young mixed bulldog at my house just south of Miner. I took her to the Humane Society just because I already have a dog. You should have taken her there and had to look at her pretty eyes on the way. But that obviously wouldn't have bothered you like it did me, or you wouldn't have dumped her to start with. Do everyone a favor and don't get another dog. You don't deserve one. I'd like to say more, but this is a family newspaper.

I am calling about an article written about a church in Charleston and its Bible school. I just wanted you to know that I am praying for you when I go to bed tonight. I'm sorry that when you attend Bible school that you don't get anything out of it but free babysitting. I, in turn, and my children, get a lot more out of Bible school than that. We get what we are meant to get from it - to open our arms to all people of every different religion and race and let them come and talk about God's work. We do have our priorities straight and I sure hope that you get yours straight.

How dare the person who accused President Bush of government capitalism and tyranny to drive the nation to financial ruin. Why would he want to do this to his nation? He is the president, and no president would ever do this.

I would like to SpeakOut to the person or persons who stole the angel off my Mom's grave at Matthews. I don't know how anyone can live with themselves after stealing from someone's grave. I had to work hard for this angel for my Mother's grave. I would thank you to put it back on there, please.

I have tried for a year to work at the voting polls in East Prairie, but the lady who does the hiring never calls me. I think they need to get rid of her. She doesn't know what's going on. They have the same ladies who have been there for quite a while. They should give some of us younger ones a chance. These women are retired from family services and other places. They don't need the job. Give the job to someone who does.