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Speakout 12/22

Monday, December 22, 2003

In concern for our children in public schools, can someone answer this one question for me? Why are prisoners safer than our children? Prisons have video to watch over the prisoners constantly, but as for our children, their security is just as important, or more important. How can this be?

I would like to address my SpeakOut to Southeast Missouri employers. I'm looking for a job. I have an excellent employment history, I am punctual, flexible, diligent, a people person, have a broad range of experience and am computer literate. Quite simply, I am a good employee, the sort of person anyone would be lucky to have in his or her office. But you know what? You won't hire me. Do you know why? I do. I am 59 years old. And guess what? That's discrimination. That's illegal. I have applied for more than 50, yes FIFTY jobs in the Southeast Missouri area in the last six months. I actually interviewed for three, yes THREE of these jobs. I've heard, "... you're over qualified." That's a cop-out. What person in their right mind would prefer a lesser qualified employee when they can hire one who is well qualified? And the sad part of this situation is, I'm just one of many mature individuals looking for gainful employment. You're passing on the tried and true, the level-headed, the loyal, the dependable. Wake up, employers and watch your Ps and Qs. You might be breaking the law. You never know who might be watching.

Mike, I read your editorial regarding looking for answers on housing rights. While it looks like there may be some light at the end of the tunnel regarding "slumlords" and "trash" tenants, what can be done about homeowners who are allowing their houses to rot down around them? Some good examples are in Matthews East Acres here in Sikeston. Take a tour of the neighborhood and you won't have any problem spotting the eyesores. These are not rent houses nor or they the homes of "trash," nor or they the homes of people who do not have decent paying jobs. These folks just don't care and are bringing down the property value of the entire neighborhood and it is very discouraging to those homeowners who do give a damn about the roofs over their heads and maintain their properties. This problem is not specific to Matthews East Acres. Just look around town. So, are there any answers regarding problematic homeowners?