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SpeakOut 5/30

Thursday, May 30, 2002

Call 471-6636

I'm calling about the water situation in the eastern part of Sikeston. I live on Pam Street. In the 10 years we've lived here, I've never seen water like this. Today is May 21 and we have stagnant water in our back yard. The ditch is still overflowing behind our house. Crow Street is the same way. We're just wondering what the city of Sikeston is going to do about this. It doesn't just affect me; it affects several residents. So far, we haven't seen any city trucks come down our street to answer any questions. I've left several voice mails with the city and nobody returns my calls. We're going to have problems - insects - several things could happen and the people who live on these streets, what is the city going to do?

I live in Sikeston. The city says they don't have the money to clean the ditches. They have the equipment. Why can't they hire some boys to clean it out? I'm sure they would like to have some workers this summer. Use your head, Sikeston!

I am looking for someone who does hand quilting. Please leave your telephone number in SpeakOut and I will get back with you.

How can I find out what the laws and rules and regulations are in Miner? I am planning to move there and need to know what their restrictions are. Don't tell me to call City Hall because if there's one crooked soul in there, they will see favoritism of someone who lives in the neighborhood and you'd never get a story straight or right. I wanted to see what their restrictions are without having to contact someone in higher authority, someone who knows so I know which ones will be upheld and which ones they abide by but not someone in favoritism to someone who lives in Miner or that they're kin to.

Those people who run the flea market on the west end of town need to take better care of the grounds it sets on. It needs to be graded.

I am calling about the Sikeston Middle School. I read the May 22 SpeakOut when someone claimed that children who forget their lunch cards get an alternative meal. If this is such a great school system, the children should get the same meal whether they have a lunch ticket or not. Don't you think?

I am calling in regard to a comment made in SpeakOut on May 22, "Practice is questioned." The caller stated that students at the Sikeston Middle School who forget their I.D. cards are given a peanut butter sandwich and milk instead of a regular lunch. My daughter attends the Middle School and agrees with this statement. Apparently, this is a common occurrence considering students who forget their I.D. cards are considered members of the "Peanut Butter Club." I am afraid it is you, not the caller, who has been grossly misinformed.

This is to the person who bought a set of knives at the yard sale on May 18 on Pine Street. I found the other one. Please call me at 472-2136.