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Speakout 11/29

Monday, November 29, 2004

White, black, it doesn't matter what color you are. If you commit a crime, you will do some time. You have all the same advantages as other people do. Give me a break! Young black men are behind bars. If you get off your butt and get a job, yes, if you want a job you can find one. There are no victims of society here.

I am calling about the man who got 10 years in prison. Some say that 10 years is too long and I tend to agree with them. It also got everybody's attention about what the court system is trying to do. You talk about a white guy just getting a pat on the back. That's a lie too. You don't condemn someone because of what color you are. That's ignorant. They wanted to make a statement and they did. Everybody seems to be interested in it, so maybe they did what they were trying to do.

I am a citizen of the Sikeston and area. I have lived here for about 25 years. I would like to see Sikeston put in a Burlington Coat Factory store in the little mall across from Jay's Fried Chicken. These are very popular coats, they are real nice. Put one there or somewhere in Sikeston. I guarantee you it would pay off. It would draw people to the store like flies to honey.

Why do people who live on Tanglewood have to receive their mail so late now? It has gone on for months. We have to go out after dark with our flashlights to check our mail. If you forget, your mail gets soaked by rain. We used to go get our mail at a decent time and didn't have to go back out after dark. This is dangerous for we who are older. It makes no sense with the way the prices for postage are. Please don't suggest I call the post office. I work and they are closed when I get home.

Why doesn't Matthews Elementary School in Sikeston have a lighted sign like the other schools in the district have? Why do they let the man with the lawn care service park the vehicle on the school yard and make ruts?

Call the school at 471-0614 or the Sikeston Board of Education at 472-2581.