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Sunday, Aug. 28, 2016

Speakout 3/29

Monday, March 29, 2004

I guess since Fox News is so fair and balanced they will give John Kerry nationwide coverage when he kicks off his campaign like they did George.

The noise ordinance isn't working. On Hardin Street, the noise is constant - music all day, every day and all night. DPS, help! Maybe we need a sign in this area.

I read in the March 21 paper the battle between Ferguson Medical Clinic and a few doctors. The partners who are left there don't have to worry about shouldering my responsibility because I followed my doctor.

Prescription drugs is the topic. If you would like to save about 50 percent on prescription drugs, call toll-free (866) 740-9326. This is a pharmacy in Canada.

To all the Cardinal fans out there, you need to contact Charter Communications and tell them you want KPLR back on TV because that's where you get most of the Cardinal games.

Beyond call of duty

I had an officer come out on Sunday. I forgot his name but he was like an angel to me. He was so very nice. He did everything he could to help me and fixed my van door. I really appreciate him and hope God blesses him in everything he does.

I am calling about DPS officers harassing the teen-agers at Rhodes. I don't understand why they do that or why the owner of Rhodes would have a problem with kids being in his parking lot just hanging out. We are only there for a half hour or hour and during that time period, we're going to get hungry or thirsty. I'm sure the cops have a lot worse problems than kids hanging out in a parking lot. We don't do anything but just sit there. At least they know we're not getting into trouble.

When is the best time to put up a purple martin house? I had one last year but didn't have any martins come. I think I may have put it up too early.

Does anyone know the original color of the 1920 Missouri automobile tag? I have one and I'd like to have it restored to its original color.