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To: The White House, Washington, D.C.

Tuesday, February 3, 2004

Dear President Bush:

Well you may not have noticed but Missouri held their Presidential primary election today. I voted for you as my choice to represent the Republican party this November. But I'm writing today to inform you that you're going to have to work a bit harder to get my vote this November. And those are tough words to say.

Here's the problem Mr. President. On Monday of this week you released your proposed budget for the upcoming year. I'm not even sure how many zeroes are in a trillion but I know it takes a lot of people getting out of bed in the dark morning and not returning home until dark to pay the taxes that will fund this budget. And since I'm one of those workers, you're spending my money.

Thanks for the explanation on the White House letterhead that arrived today. It looked real official. I understand the part about funding the Defense Department to the tune of $400 billion. Heck, Saddam would still be living the life of Riley if our gung-ho troops hadn't had the tools to get the job done. So that's a fair way to spend my money, if you're asking - which you're not.

But Mr. President, last week our local newspaper ran a story about the Homeland Security Department spending a good deal of money to provide anti-terrorist lighting for the Wappapello dam area. You might want to reconsider that type of funding because I doubt if terrorists even know where Wappapello dam is located. And I assure you, no terrorists read this newspaper.

Another thing I want to say. Our fine state of Missouri is going to receive $190 million of taxpayer money to fund the No Child Left Behind Act. Mr. President, no one can argue that education is essential. Heck, without one, I wouldn't be able to write this fancy letter. But Mr. President, children will always be left behind because their parents leave them there. The school system and all of the money in the world won't change that sad aspect of human nature. So even though it sounds good, most of us recognize the plan is doomed. But you keep spending money like it doesn't matter. It does matter Mr. President. It does to me.

I read with great interest your budget on the economy. I see where our economy is "robust." I'm sure the child tax credit and the elimination of the marriage penalty are putting money into the economy. I hope that's true because I also noticed that you're returning $4 billion to Missouri for our Medicaid program. Now Mr. President, God and common sense says to help those in need. I do. You do too. But Mr. President, some of these people on Medicaid are taking advantage of the system. Most of the recipients have seen a doctor since I have. I've talked with a couple of these recipients who see a doctor every week. The only reason I know this is because they want to work for cash so they don't lose their Medicaid benefits. I have a problem with spending one out of every four dollars in Missouri on Medicaid patients when millions of others must sacrifice because they fall in that terrible area known as middle class.

I know you're busy Mr. President, so I'll just share one final thought. Winning the war on terrorism is extremely important. Winning the war on a decaying society that benefits those who do not produce, that allows our borders to become a laughing stock, that educates our kids to the lowest common denominator is pretty important too. If you could put my tax money in addressing some of those issues, I'd appreciate it.



P.S.: As of today, you have my vote in November. But I'll keep an eye on your spending - like your increase for the National Endowment for the Arts - and we'll see what happens between now and then.

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