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Slamming the U.S. won't help the U.N.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Here's what the United States did to help with the disaster in the Asian nations following the catastrophic events this week that killed thousands; We sent an initial $15 million in financial aid relief; we have pledged to increase our food donations to that region which are already substantial; we pledged additional money when the full scope of the disaster is understood; we dispatched a 21-member disaster relief team to assist in the recovery; and we dispatched military patrol planes from the Pacific fleet to assist in the relief efforts.

The response from the United Nations? The United States is being "stingy" and American taxpayers should be willing to provide more funds and services to the disaster victims!

At some point, we need to honestly assess the role of the United Nations and how our country fits into the scheme of this international organization. Not one single world of praise or recognition seems to flow from the U.N. that is beneficial to our country. Despite our massive generosity throughout the world, the U.N. takes every opportunity to slam our efforts at every turn.

Not one single nation in the world is close to matching the relief efforts provided by the United States. Most other nations - with the exception of Australia which pledged $10 million - is close to our donations of relief. Yet despite this outpouring, we take it on the chin from the leaders of the U.N.

The United States has provided financial funding to so many other nations it's impossible to provide a full and accurate list. But suffice it to say, we do our share and then some. And for some asinine spokesman for the U.N. to call us "stingy" is an affront to every American. It should not be tolerated.

The U.N. spokesman said that "politicians in the United States believe that they are really burdening the taxpayers too much and the taxpayers want to give less. It's not true. They want to give more."

Well that spokesman didn't ask me if I want to give more of my hard-earned cash to other nations. He questioned our generosity without thinking about the massive assistance we have and will continue to provide to all in need. And he definitely failed to address the needs that exist without our own borders.

No one on the face of this earth is as generous as the American government and the taxpayers who support that generosity. To be called "stingy" because of our latest effort is an insult that must not go unnoticed.

The United Nations needs to walk softly on this issue. Imagine a world in which the United States did not come to the rescue of other nations. A few more insults of this type and perhaps that day may come sooner than later.

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