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Monday, Aug. 29, 2016

Speakout 11/12

Friday, November 12, 2004

I wouldn't doubt it if W.T. and Tony Heckemeyer had to have bypass surgery again after the way this election turned out. I hear they are really in turmoil.

It looks like we got George Bush for another four years. People will be sorry they voted for Bush because he's for the rich and not for the poor and middle-class people. I wish they would raise the minimum wage and get healthcare for people who need it.

I, too, want to commend Prosecutor Paul Boyd for giving the man 10 years in prison for selling $20 worth of crack. They know it was not the first time he had sold drugs or he would not have gotten the prison sentence. We have got to start with the street crimes to get to the big guys and everyone knows drugs lead to everything like murder, thievery, stolen vehicles, child molestation, all these things that happen. And they usually start with drugs. We've got to get Sikeston cleaned up and if this is what it takes, then so be it. I applaud you! I think you are doing a wonderful job.

Two blondes were standing in Sikeston looking at the full moon. The first one said, "I wonder which is farther away, the moon or Florida?" The second one said, "Hell-O! Can you see Florida?"

On election day, before voting, there were pictures on TV of people loading boxes and boxes of absentee ballots in big carts on wheels. They put them in a large building and closed the door. On Wednesday morning, the number of absentee votes for each candidates were so small, not near 270 electoral votes. They reported it would take 10 days to two weeks to count them. By noon Wednesday, they announced that Bush had won. Where are those ballots and how did they count them that quickly? Or, were they counted? Can someone please explain this to me?

This is in response to "History lesson" of Nov. 5. Before you call in alleged information about the Bible, you need to check out with Strong's Exhaustive Concordance where the Hebrew and Greek words translated by the King James scholars are listed and defined. The Hebrew word for witch did not mean poisoning or anything to do with poison. In Strong's, it is spelled kashaph and pronounced kaw-shaf with emphasis on the second syllable. It is a prime root word, meaning to whisper a spell, to enchant or to practice magic. It translates to English as sorcerer, witch or one who uses witchcraft. The King James scholars made several mistranslations in their version of the Bible, but witch was not one of those.

I am calling about a Nov. 1 article about Cape Girardeau repairing its airport and Sikeston helping them out by taking up their air traffic for about a week to 10 days. The City of Sikeston has played around with that airport for years and years. Why doesn't Mr. Jolliff, who has managed the airport for years, go to a City Council meeting and tell them just what the Sikeston Airport needs to be brought up to date? Jiggs Moore and others as well as members of the City Council have played around and let them come in that airport with playground stuff and all that. Now it's time for the Planning and Zoning Committee to get with the city and stop crowding the airport. Sikeston needs a modern, up-to-date airport with a control tower at the south end. Some long range planning is needed and the sooner the better.