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SpeakOut 7/19

Friday, July 19, 2002

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It looks like we've lost another battle for the morals in our country. It seems like some woman has a disobedient kid hitting a police car, and when they go to arrest him, he claims racism and gets a bunch of money from the city. This is happening more and more, to the point where the police can't even do their jobs. They will just have to start ignoring everything that people do over there on the west side because they can't do anything to them anyway.

Don't believe what you read and hear on the news about people being cut off welfare. It isn't a lie, but is a half-truth. They are cut off this month and put back on next month. Don't think the welfare workers are going to take a chance for any layoffs from their jobs. They have to keep people on the welfare rolls to keep their jobs. Also, when people are finally to a point of absolutely no reason to be on welfare, for example, their kids are all grown and gone and they're healthy and they went to work, then the government puts them on and SSI check or Social Security disability for the rest of their lives. That's why Social Security is being drained, because there is only one of us working for every four able-bodied people drawing SSI checks. Either way, the working people are losing.

People who draw Social Security benefits have worked and paid enough into Social Security to qualify them for the benefit. People who get SSI (Supplemental Security Income) have not paid or not paid enough into the system to qualify them for Social Security.

I'm calling about an abandoned house in Matthews. Why can't the city do something about it? There are snakes in that yard. I know people have complained to them about the house, but they say they can't find out who owns the house. Please do something about this eyesore.

I voted for Bush, but I don't know, I've seen him increase the size of government, then increase the size of government and then increase the size of government.

On the front page of the July 11 paper, the man who shot the worker has not received 40 years. Eighty-five percent of 40 is 34. In trying to figure up the time, could you please tell me how much time is served on 10 years? Is it 8 1/2? Well, 8 1/2x34 is 34 years, so what is 85 percent of 40? It equals 34. Please answer, if you can.

Sorry caller. This is not our area of expertise. You need to call the prosecutor's office where you live and ask them or contact the prosecutor's office that handled the case in question. The courts decide punishments and percentages.

I was calling for the person questioning about the hummingbirds. My hummingbirds arrive every year on the 12th of April. I usually had five of them at my old house. I have moved and have three this year at the new house. The secret to getting them to stay, especially in this heat, is to be sure and change their water. Be sure you have four parts of water to one part of sugar. And change the water at least once a week and they will keep coming. But you have to put your feeder away from the house a little bit so they won't feel disturbed.