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SpeakOut 7/17

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

If anyone has a 1943 Anniston year book they want to sell, please call 649-5047.

I have a question for the people who lay out the adds for Food Giant. The ads don't say where Food Giant is. It doesn't state what store name was there before. Out of town people may have trouble finding it.

What happened to the farmers that used to be down by the Depot? It should be time for tomatoes and corn. I'd like some sweet corn. If anybody knows where they've gone, please put it in SpeakOut.

Check out the flea market in the the 2000 block of East Malone Avenue. A sign has been posted near the road.

I heard George Bush give a speech today up on Wall Street. When George W. Bush talks about the importance of honest business practices and integrity, it's like listening to Bill Clinton lecture about chastity, which, thank God, Clinton would never do.

I have a chair that my grandmother gave me. The bottom is out and needs to be caned. If someone in the Sikeston area does caning, please leave a number in SpeakOut so I can get it fixed. I would love to be using it.

I called about cable television. The cable television in Sikeston, Bertrand, Charleston and all around, and in this little town of Diehlstadt, we don't have cable TV and I always we hear that it's because we don't have enough people to subscribe. How can you take a poll and ask people, when most of them have satellites and just from right off the bat, many of them would say no. But a million-dollar company such as the one you have, if you just run the cable there, I think that in time you would pick up a lot of business. I've had satellite for five years and if cable was run out here I'd drop it in a heartbeat.

I'm calling about the adjustments that individuals receive out of Scott County in the court system. It's a crying shame when they don't come back in, twice they moved this young lady's preliminary hearing. This young lady has never been arrested before and has no prior record of anything of that nature, but they won't even give her a PR bond. They have set her bond at an extraordinary rate where they know she will not be able to bond out of jail. Then they keep pushing back the hearings. Where is the justice at? I've called all types of organizations, I've spoken to people, I've called the newspapers and KFVS-12. Where is the justice? What's happening is the young lady is suffering because of this extra time and they need her to step up. People need to get out and vote and the people who are in there now need to be voted out in Scott County.