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Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016

Speakout 6-14

Friday, June 14, 2002

Why isn't the Standard Democrat covering the Corporate Games? The basketball championship was tonight and nobody from the paper was there. There was no coverage except for one small shot of the pool. For someone who preaches "community spirit," I think the Democrat should cover these games.

Once again the justice system never ceases to amaze. I'm sure many of the lowly stature drug dealers in this area would like to be able to get caught with meth making materials in their house and possession of meth and what not, in their very own home, and then have their sentencing not be released to the public. Wouldn't that be nice? Our justice system at work again.

I'd like to SpeakOut about the comment on the May 30 article regarding the Pam Street water. If this person was from Morehouse suggesting that the Pam Street people get a petition together, how about they realize they live in a flat zone. So either raise the yards or move.

I was at a restaurant in East Prairie today and I noticed at the welfare office, in the "employees only" parking area, there were 37 cars. I know the cars didn't drive themselves there. Why are there so many people working for the welfare department? Why do many people get big checks to pay for the new cars they've got? People go there to get help and they laugh them down so bad that they just get up and walk out. A lot of cars are parked at the Social Security office in Sikeston too. Come on, people. Wake up. We're paying them people all them money. So many people, so little money.

This is to the country club member who is complaining about a fallen tree by Tee No. 6. Maybe you ought to call a couple of those buck-cheek fellas in for $1 an hour and they can drag that thar' tree out of that ditch for you. Something less than minimum wage ought to be able to pull that tree out of there. Hell, you can just sit there with your scotch in your hand and your gin and tonic and watch them do it. Then maybe it will help you stretch your putter.

We have two McDonald's, two Burger Kings and pretty soon, two Sonics. We should bring more restaurants to Sikeston. One of them should be Popeye's Chicken. We have KFC and Jay's Fried Chicken but we don't have Popeye's Chicken. We don't have spice in it. We should get a petition for Popeye's Chicken in Sikeston.

It's the best news I've heard today. The insane fighter Mike Tyson lost the fight. Thank God. Maybe he'll drop out of the headlines now. The man's too crazy to be in anything.