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Your view: Zero tolerance

Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Some time ago the City of Sikeston started a "Zero Tolerance" policy in regard to violation of certain city ordinances. The result, at least to us here in Canalou, was dramatic. The condition and appearance of Sikeston improved very quickly.

We decided that the same process needed to happen to Canalou. The town has become a junky, shabby and decrepit dumping ground - place where people went because they thought that there were no rules or regulations.

No more.

Canalou has appointed a code enforcement officer. There have been ordinances on our books for some time that pertain to many of the same problems that afflicted Sikeston. They were unfortunately seldom, if ever, enforced. They will be.

Beginning April 1, 2005, violators of these pertinent ordinances will be cited. Very broadly, they are: junk or abandoned vehicles; trashy or junk-filled yards; abandoned, vacant or unsafe buildings; unmowed or abandoned lots; loose or dangerous animals.

There are more and all ordinances will be enforced as the need arises.

If you own property in Canalou, clean it up. There will be no grace period. If you do not clean up your property or remove any junked vehicles, the city will do so at your expense.

Canalou was once a clean, safe place to raise children. It can be again.

John Slayton, Canalou

Code enforcement officer