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Bobo wins pro bike class at drag strip

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Winston Bob won the pro bike class Saturday night.
SIKESTON -- Chad Moore of Memphis, Tenn., won the street bike class of the motorcycle division at the Sikeston Drag Strip on Sunday.

Moore ran his heat in 6.46 seconds at 109.80 m.p.h. with a reaction time of .595 seconds.

Tom Pullom of Carterville, Ill., finished second with a 6.46 run at 109.48 m.p.h. with a reaction time of .517.

In the pro bike class, Winston Bobo of Memphis, Tenn., posted a heat time of 5.70 at 119.07 m.p.h. with a reaction time of .513.

Warren Eldred of Southhaven, Miss., captured second in 6.22 seconds at 119.64 m.p.h. with a reaction time of .499.

Sikeston Raceway

Yard Karts (6-9yr old)

1.Elijah King
2. Derrick Garner

Senior Champ (15yrs & up)

1.Jason Holt
2. Todd Anderson

Rookies (8-12yr old)

1. Alex Case
2.Dalton Freed
3.Braxton Templeton

Stock Medium (15yrs & up)

1.Abe Martin
2. Joe Warren
3. Randy Ramey

Junior Sportsman Champ (8-12 yr olds)

1.Cordie Burkman
2.Taylor Burge
3.Alex Case

Jr. 2 Rookies

1.Will Holder
2.David Davidson Jr. 3.Cody Burks

Junior Stock Unrestricted (12-15yrs)

1.Justin Barnes 2.Lynda Blanke 3.Eric Harris Stock Light (15 & up)
1.Michael Grant 2.Joe Warren
3.Ben Brewster Senior Stock (35yrs & up)
1.Randy Ramey 2.Bo Warren
3.David Gonzales

Junior Champ (11-15yrs)

1.Zach Hutcherson
2.Jared Hendrickson
3.Tyler Santie

Sikeston Racepark


1.Josh Wren
2.Billy Clayton
3.Andrew Steger


1.Kevin Austin
2.Brad Timms
3.Chad Lovelace

50 cc

1.Bryan Clayton
2.Clayton Hillier
3.Derek Bridger

250 Amateur

1.Donnie Foster
2.Justin Hutchraft
3.Marcus Massey

200 4-stroke

1.Robert Jamerson
2.Brian Burney
3.Dale Fox

Open beginner

1.Brandon Sneed
2.Mark Sneed
3.Tony Kiser

Open Amateur

1.Ricky Underwood
2.David Klimis
3.Kevin Armstrong

Pro amateur

1.Chad Lovelace
2.Billy Clayton
3.Brad Timms

200 4-stroke beginner

1.Tim Lathem

100 cc

1.Cole Hammers

Overall amateur

1.Chad Lovelace
2.Ricky Underwood
3.Brandon Sneed