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Speakout 11/22

Monday, November 22, 2004

I get so tired of hearing Republicans running down Democrats and Democrats running down Republicans. I'm a Democrat and am proud of it. I read where someone in SpeakOut said they thought there were enough lesbians and homosexuals to vote for John Kerry for president than what they did. The reason they didn't vote for John Kerry is because the vice president got on national TV and said his daughter was a lesbian and he didn't believe in Bush's policy on lesbians; he believes equal rights for the lesbians and homosexuals. After that, the lesbians and homosexuals voted for the Republican Party. That means they voted Republican instead of Democrat. Evidently this person didn't have enough to understand anything, because if something happens to our President, then the Vice President will be the father of a lesbian who believes in equal rights and then the lesbians and homosexuals will be OK and will get equal rights and will be able to get married or whatever. I don't understand why some Republicans are so dumb. I really don't.

In reference to "Change America's lifestyle," the caller who said to put the poor people on work farms, where does he think we'd put them? As far as putting the sick and elderly in nursing homes, it sounds like his head is not on his shoulders just right. I am a senior in good health and do not need to be put in a nursing home. As far as getting rid of the Democrats, I have voted for both Democrat and Republican candidates in my lifetime and I don't think it would be America's way if we had just one party in politics. That is America's rights. To say "all Democrats are nothing but stinking fools" sounds like he does not have his head on right. I also know people at church and other places who vote both Democrat and Republican. That does not mean they are not brothers and sisters of mine in Christ. The caller said to remove the old people from our society. Where would they go? They have homes and rights here in America. That's why we call our country America. As far as putting the poor on work farms to help them produce something for the rest of the Republicans, I have worked all my life and feel like I have supported both parties. It sounds like this person is a younger person who doesn't have his head on right.

This person is as obnoxious as the back end of a cat's back tail. Some of the older people who are still alive still work on farms, are still in their right minds and still earn their own living while you're probably sitting on your behind with no job at all and thinking it's a great thing to pick on the older people and ridicule older people. You'll be old one of these days and will go through the same thing.

I was reading the article in the Standard Democrat about the serial killer in Texas who they're going to cut loose. He killed all those women and young girls. It's a shame they don't have a governor in Texas now like they had when George Bush was there who had enough guts to put people like that in the gas chamber or wherever they belonged. He didn't turn people like that loose. Evidently Texas is getting lax about putting away people like that. As far as the man from Marble Hill, drugs are too good for that man. They should kill him by inches or give him something that would make him linger for a long time and then let him die. Anybody who would do something like that to a 3-week-old baby should be given the most horrible death that anybody could ever be given. He shouldn't be put in prison because he will live it up off the taxpayers. He should be put to death in the most horrible way possible.