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Speakout 8/10

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

So-called traditional marriage was until quite recently not an agreement between a man and a woman but between two men, either a prospective husband and a potential bride's father or between the fathers of both the future husband and wife. The argument that things must continue as they have always been is unpersuasive. On those grounds, it was a mistake to abolish slavery and grant women full rights of citizenship, for slavery and patriarchy are at least as well established and historically universal as monogamous marriage.

How proud I was to see the boys from Dexter return from overseas. Their little town was the one that Clinton closed the factories out of and lost a lot of jobs. But they went over there and fought for our country. If John Kerry is elected president, it will be the same thing. Where's his first wife? He left her to marry a rich millionaire woman. I'm proud of all our Dexter boys and all the other ones who are fighting over there. If they will tell you the truth, our boys will tell you that they were helping the country over there, I'm sure, because that's the kind of people they are over there. Look who they had at the Democratic National Convention. Clinton. If he'd done his job, we wouldn't have had 9/11. When they bombed the ship and the sailor boys got killed, he didn't do anything about it. He only went and took money over there and went over there on vacation and things. They didn't plan that for when Bush got in. They planned all that under Clinton.

You talk about speaking on any subject, but it never gets printed. I watch the news and read the paper and it's all about Iraq and the economy. Our economy is shot to hell. This war is completely wrong and I want you Republicans to know one thing. Every vote that you give Bush and Cheney, the guns of America. You sleep on that, think about it and may God help you live with it.

We hope we got your message correctly. At times you were speaking into the phone and other times we had difficulty in hearing your comment clearly.

Tim Jaynes, that was a great picture of turning a double play in the Aug. 1 Standard Democrat. Good job! Thanks!

I feel so sorry for the servicemen who are dying in Iraq and their families. Those boys who are over there to fight don't get paid much money. The ones I don't feel sorry for are the contractors when they're captured. Those men are over there for one reason - they're greedy. They went over there because they could make big bucks, probably 10 times as much as they make here, so they get what's coming to them. But the servicemen go because they have to and they make very little money. I feel sorry for them and their families.

I response to the call in the Aug. 1 paper about the Democratic National Convention, the caller in one sentence said, "Hillary should have left and divorced Bill, as any decent woman would." Then a couple of sentences later, the caller said, "When you marry, you take them or better or for worse" as the Bible says. You can't have it both ways. Make up your mind.

I read in the Aug. 1 SpeakOut about the presidential candidates. I have a good solution that I believe would solve everything. Why don't the American people just run this country themselves? That way we could gripe at each other.

We edited your call because expletives are not used in SpeakOut.

The Sumlin crime family is past history - more or less. I wonder who is going to take over their business. I hope two different gangs don't have to shoot it out to gain control. You can close the Wagon Wheel, but that wouldn't stop anyone from drinking. They would just go to Red's Bar.