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Your view: Fighing the liberals

Friday, May 14, 2004

What is, or who is a "liberal Democrat?" And what's wrong with a few naked butts? Liberal Democrats are politically correct bigots. They demand homogenization of "acceptable attitudes" compatible with their emotional positions sanctioned by the DNC. Freedom of independent thought is the enemy of liberal Democrats." Fighters for freedom anywhere in the world defined as anything other than a Marxist Revolution is evil and an enemy of liberal Democrats.

They control public school and college curriculums. They control the definition of the manufactured church/state issue. They control the definition of abortion and suppress the truth of the immorality, and degrading effects of abortion on society. They lie and hide the abhorrent cruelty abortion really is; can't show pictures of an aborted fetus, that would be too graphic. Can't even televise the court of appeals testimony going on right now. That would be too inflammatory. It might prejudice the public against the proliferation of abortion. Nope, can't do that.

But, we can show naked butts if it inflames the passions against George Bush and our military. Liberal Democrats control the definition of homosexuality and suppress the obvious evidence of the abomination it really is. No room for disagreement. It's the law!

It's the way we are born! Disagree and you're a homophobic bigot and in for legal action? Well why, then, are liberal Democrats apoplectic about pictures of a few naked butts of captured murderers for Saddam's regime? You'd think they would be applauding these pictures of simulated lifestyle diversity.

Liberal Democrats have demanded that we in America respect this. Haven't they? If there is nothing wrong with homosexuality, what's this reaction of shock and awe by liberal Democrats all about? You can't label a liberal Democrat a "hypocrite" because liberal Democrats only hold "malleable principles." The only truly abhorrent evil to a liberal Democrat is whatever the liberal left says it is at any given juncture in order to generate false perceptions of public outrage aimed at their political opposition.

Their political methodology consists of political cleansing squads which manipulate, control, and dictate what is socially acceptable thought and speech. They even control the definition of what is honorable military duty, and who has actually fulfilled it honorably. The lust for retaliation is the driving motivation of the Democrat National Committee and Democrat-controlled voting blocks.

They fight not for equal rights and freedom of all individuals. They fight for the power of control to oppress others they currently view as oppressors. Their politics is an endless game of getting-even-ism. Similarly, a few interrogators in an Iraqi prison embarrassed and made examples of a few sadistic mutilating murderers and torturers. So, because of that, we've got to fire Rumsfeld, and impeach George Bush! Really? You see, the only "oppressor," the only "evil" in a liberal Democrat's narrow-minded eyes is a capitalist Republican, or anyone who disagrees with "them" and opposes Stalinist Socialist idealism.

Translation? If a Liberal Democrat does it, it's admirable. If their political opposition does it, it's a crime!

John McMillen,