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Speakout (12/3)

Wednesday, December 3, 2003

I read the article about the soldier and his three dogs. Unfortunately, I live in Northern Illinois and could not physically take care of the dogs. I would be more than willing to help any family (who kept all three) with money for their food bill. I am originally from Portageville and still keep in touch through the Internet news. My phone is (847) 618-7550 and e-mail DMalone@NCH.ORG Please do a follow-up and let me know if I can help. The dogs need to stay together and the young soldier needs to know that when he comes home, his pets will be there for him. I spent several years in Vietnam and know how important these things can be to him.

I don't know if you will print this. This is to our fine city leaders of Morehouse. I think you all have a problem! Who do you think you all are, trying to tell our police officers what to do? Maybe since you all know so much about the law you can be our new law enforcement, so who do we call if someone tries to break in now or someone is beating the crap out of someone? I know the mayor and the city staff. Come on guys. Get real. Let the law do their job! They're here for one thing and that is to serve and protect, not to have some wannabe cops tell them how to do their jobs. I do think it's time for the people of Morehouse to wake up. I think the county has its hands full with their own jurisdiction and officers spread out. Instead they have to come up here and babysit this town. So wake up, town council!

I, too, am unhappy about the change in 1520 AM Solid Gospel. I called the other day and asked them why they are playing country now and they said it was a management decision. I told them I had listened to it all the time. I am very, very sad that it is gone. I told them I felt like I had died and gone to hell when I learned they were playing country because I think country music is very depressing.

I would like to SpeakOut about all the trash on Ingram Road across from the new houses they're building out there. The contractors need to get together and clean that up where it has blown into the trees. That looks tacky.

I have a large wall clock that needs to be worked on. Does anybody know who I can call?

Call Edgar Kinser at (573) 568-4628.

I have a friend who ordered some stuff from some school kids. Two of the girls live on East Gladys and one of the boys lives on East Gladys and she has not received any of the merchandise she ordered from the school and hasn't gotten her money back either. This has happened to other people, too. Somebody needs to check this out.

Call the school those children are attending for information.

In the past couple of years I have had to spend a lot of money for exterminators for roaches and I get rid of them and the people next door to me live in a mobile home and from what I hear, the trailer is roach-infested. The bugs keep coming to my house and it is getting to be monotonous. I don't understand how people can live so filthy that they have roaches all the time like that. Why don't you clean these bugs up so I can live in clean, fresh, germ-free air?