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SpeakOut 12/4

Thursday, December 4, 2003

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I read about these things where people are getting Christmas help for the needy and people taking donations and stuff for the needy and I help when I can. I turned in a little boy, 5, and girl, 6, who needed help and I haven't heard anything. But you look around and see them collecting money for the needy but when you try to call and get help for children who are in dire need, they don't even have heat in their home and won't have anything for Christmas; I don't understand this. Why can't these little children get help if everybody else can? I've tried everywhere I know.

I am a Christian and honor my mother and father and love them very much, but when your father doesn't respect himself or his children, how are you supposed to honor him? He is a Christian too but his first meaning is for him, not his children, not his spouse; he just doesn't seem like he cares. When it comes to church or to strangers, he will help those in need more than his own family. It seems like he should help his family in need more than putting on a show for strangers and people at church. All I can say is that I hope he can live with this and God bless him.

I am calling in behalf of the girls who do the service at area grocery stores, such as taking telephone bills, gas bills, cashing checks, money orders, etc. That is a service that store offers to its customers and they do get paid for it, but it is still a service and you better thank your lucky stars that they're there to take your money even though you may have to wait two or three minutes once in a while.

I see Rush Limbaugh is back from his drug therapy program. I would have to say that the therapy was a failure. All you have to do is listen to him and realize that he's still on drugs.

My hat's off to the Morehouse policeman who resigned and stood up for what is right. I don't understand how the city council can justify the expense of a police department that doesn't enforce the law or write any tickets, but you can enforce the law in Morehouse. Ask Doug Triplett about that. He tried it. The city made his life miserable.

Michael Jensen, I have heard through the grapevine that they are going to demolish the buildings where Big Lots is located and build four theaters out there, joined together. That would be a big project. Can you comment on this? Morehouse and Sikeston have their gossipers who spread stuff like this, but I'd like to hear it from you. Is this the truth or gossip?

Yes, a substantial project is scheduled for that location.

To the management of Big Lots, would you please relocate your store in Sikeston and not leave the Sikeston area for the Cape Girardeau community? There are many people here who like your store and we want you to stay here. We don't want to drive to Cape to spend our Sikeston dollars. Please reconsider. Please stay in Sikeston. I am a Big Lots customer (and a good one).