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SpeakOut 2/14

Friday, February 14, 2003

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In the Feb. 4 paper someone complained that disabled people should be able to go to work if they don't have a heart transplant, cancer or a limb removed. I have none of these but I am blind because of diabetes. I did work for 33 years and I do draw disability, but it's mine. Tell that person to quit complaining. They probably have it pretty good.

I am a subscriber to the Standard Democrat and want to know how come my ads aren't put here in SpeakOut? I have called in a couple of times and they've not been in there. I had called in earlier. I have a special child who was wondering what happened to "Baby Bob" that used to be on TV. We thought maybe if you printed it, someone would know what happened to the show.

All calls to SpeakOut are anonymous, so we have no idea which callers or subscribers and which are not. Sometimes calls aren't printed right away because we are trying to find the answer to the question.

When are you going to get 3 percent? They don't care about us. All these cuts, they're cutting out everything on us so they can put more money in their pockets. Just like the highways. They raised taxes to fix the roads and spent $20 million. They just blew it (it's in their pockets). Instead of fixing the roads, they just blew it on Interstate 70. We're tired of wasting our tax money. Why don't they take some pay cuts for themselves. They're willing to take it away from the working people and give it to themselves and give it to the rich.

If the city is so bothered by the shortfall in its budget, maybe they should consider things like the totally useless sidewalk they built over on Salcedo Road - twice. Think about it before you put our money into something that has no benefit for anyone.

To the person who said he would vote for Saddam Hussein if he was in the United States, maybe you should take your (expletive) to Iraq and live there. We don't want you here in the United States of America if you're that stupid.

I would like to respond to the person who said they would vote for Saddam Hussein for president of the United States before they would vote for "Bush beats around bush." That's like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders and, frankly, I think you need some psychological help. This country is in enough trouble without people like you being around.

The Sikeston City Council should read the following and adhere to it: It's better to sit with your mouth closed and be considered an idiot rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt.

I read in SpeakOut where someone said they would trust Colin Powell more than they do President Bush. I do too. I think he's a lot smarter than Bush (Bush is not very smart).

Just wondering why there is never any coverage of NMCC or Dexter wrestling. I only see in-depth coverage of this sport in Sikeston. I read about every basketball and football team from Kennett to Perryville, but it would seem logical that the only two wrestling schools within 15 miles of Sikeston would get some coverage in the only other winter sport.

In wrestling, we rely on the head coach to contact us with their team's results. We would be glad to take the information if your coach called us after each match at (800) 675-6980.