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SpeakOut 10/11

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Call 471-6636

I'm calling in response to In the word. It does state in the Bible that God frowns on homosexuality. He does not have control over free will. If you can't read the Bible and understand that, you might at least watch Bruce Almighty the movie. It even says that in there. I would rather be a sinner on Judgment Day because everybody is a sinner, instead of a homosexual. It definitely states in the Bible that that is forbidden. God knows we're all sinners but he didn't make us all homosexual. So read your Bible, rent a movie and then get it in order before you start passing judgment on other people passing judgment.

This is in reply to Education free ride. First of all, it isn't Matt Blunt who increases the enrollment at SEMO, it's the students. Second, you stated that because of the big cut in Medicare by Matt Blunt, it's harder on the elderly. That may be, but it has nothing to do with education. And where do you get off by saying that these so-called kids never work a day in their lives and they have things handed to them? Well for your information, I am a 2006 graduate of SEMO. Since my freshman year, I worked two part-time jobs and was a full-time student. On top of that, I have never had anything just "handed" to me. I worked very hard for my degree. If you don't seem to think so, why don't you pay my $20,000 debt from Student Loans!

I am just tired of this! When are people going to understand that Governor Blunt has nothing to do with Medicare. Medicare is a federal government program. He does not cut it. He has no control over Medicare. That is the federal government, the Congress and the President who control it.

Sending company work overseas to save money, insurance and labor. Many people are facing foreclosures and job loss because of all the foreign trade. Years ago people never heard of job closure. America was considered the land of opportunity. Now we can say goodbye to that slogan. Governor Blunt needs to take the casino money and lottery money and give it to the elderly for their insurance, not to education. They get plenty.