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LCRA takes first action

Sunday, March 2, 2003

SIKESTON - The Sikeston Land Clearance Redevelopment Authority authorized demolition expenditures for eight houses during a special meeting Friday in addition to addressing setup issues.

Commissioners for the LCRA first discussed approving minutes from meetings during regular monthly meetings instead of approving them at each subsequent meeting.

Moving on to the first agenda item, commissioners then approved their bylaws.

Charles Leible, city counselor, said he used a lot of text from the St. Louis LCRA's bylaws. "I took out things I thought not applicable to Sikeston and added in things I thought are," Leible said.

Among the highlights:

* Checks will be signed by the treasurer and cosigned by either the chairman or vice chairman. Those with check-writing authority must be bonded.

* The LCRA commission's annual meeting will be held the fourth Monday in January, and regular monthly meetings are to be held on the fourth Monday of each month.

* A quorum, the minimum number of commissioners needed to conduct business, was set at three.

* Actions require three votes to pass.

Obtaining not-for-profit status was not necessary, Leible said.

Commissioners next authorized City Treasurer Karen Bailey to contact all banks in Sikeston to bid on providing banking services for the LCRA.

The next item, authorization to acquire a federal employer identification number, had already been taken care of. "The papers have been filed," said Brian Menz, vice chairman of the committee. "We have a federal ID number now."

Commissioners next reviewed demolition bids received from City of Sikeston and agreed to use the existing bids.

"Basically we're behind the ball two years now, said Menz. "Let's go ahead with this initial run and take care of the worst of the worst."

As the LCRA would be exposed to liability risk if property titles were transferred now, commissioners will leave the property in the city's name for the time being and authorized Bailey to assemble and send out bid packets for general liability insurance.

Bill Green, director of the department of economic development, discussed the need to file quiet title suits on the properties before they will be ready for developers as many were obtained through tax sales.

Following Leible's recommendation, commissioners ratified all previous action conducted up until that meeting.

Commissioner Mike Bohannon advised the LCRA Commission is on the Housing Authority's March 10 agenda, and commissioners agreed to request a place on the Board of Municipal Utility's March 11 meeting agenda.

Bohannon also discussed applying for Community Development Block Grants. He advised May 15 is the due date for redevelopment CDBG applications.

Sikeston voters authorized the creation of the LCRA in April 2001 to streamline the demolition of blighted properties and foster redevelopment initiatives.

In June 2001, the city council appointed an ad-hoc committee to research the potential uses of the LCRA within the city and identify likely areas for clearance and redevelopment activities in conjunction with Peckham, Guyton, Albers and Viets, a St. Louis consulting firm specializing in planning and urban renewal projects.

A bill formally establishing the Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority was adopted by the Sikeston City Council in November and the regular commission was appointed consisting of Menz, Bohannon, Mont Mitchell, Terry Bryant and Herman Gardner.