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Speakout 3/2

Sunday, March 2, 2003

Can you put JoAnn Emerson's address and telephone number in SpeakOut?

Here is the information you requested: Rep. JoAnn Emerson, 339 Broadway Room 246, Cape Girardeau, Mo. 63701 (telephone: 573-335-0101; fax 335-1931 or 335-2440); or Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20515 (telephone 202-225-4404; fax 202-226-0326). If you have access to the Internet, you can contact Emerson at her Website: joann.emerson@mail.house.gov

I see where Gephardt is going to run for president. Already, he mentions he is going to send money to the rich. He said it twice. That's all he ever, I mean ever, knew about politics. I wonder where all the jobs would come from if it wasn't for the rich because the man has done worked hard. No Gephardt, please.

I am calling to tell you about the biggest scam in Sikeston today. It is a tax preparation company. All these tax and fast credit places charge you $200 or $300 to get your money back. If people will understand this, if they use direct deposit, they can have their money back in two or three weeks. These places take the form you already have, fill it out on the Internet and it costs you $300. You can do this at home and get your money back in just a couple of weeks. If people would start doing this, some of these tax places would go out of business.

We need to protest these anti-American protesters. That's all they are, a bunch of anti-Americans, including the movie stars who are standing with them. ----

Those who march against the impending war with Iraq and our wonderful President Bush made me sick to my stomach. How unpatriotic can you get? Can Bush be any worse than Truman or Johnson? Truman sent our troops to Korea, Johnson to Vietnam. They seem to forget about those wars. God have mercy on the USA. Looks like we're divided - the liberals and Republicans. I'm so glad I'm a conservative Republican.

I think they should gather up all these marching demonstrators. If they had a job, they wouldn't have time to get out and demonstrate. Take them all over there in those foreign countries, drop them off and let them march over there for peace and things. If they can't show a little respect for the boys who are fighting for their freedom, that's where they belong. It's awful to see lazy people get out and parade and march.

How many more people are going to have to die over these yellow jackets and stingers and stuff like that. When is the government going to wake up and ban these things out of the gas stations, stores and any other place where you can find these things at? Maybe people, one of these days, can see that these things are so dangerous. It's already killed enough people. Government, wake up!

I wish the people who call my house day and night would find out what number the YMCA really is. They call all hours from early evening to midnight and I'm tired of it.

The correct telephone number for the YMCA is 472-9622.

Yes, charity does begin at home. If you can't help yourself, no one else will. Yes, you have a job right now. But what about a lot of us who have lost our jobs and are close to the age of retiring and can't find a job because of our age and lost our medical insurance to help out? My husband has a medical problem and we are paying on doctor bills and hospital bills. Where are all the jobs you are talking about? How do you know you will have a job next week? I would think you would sing a different tune? What about your kids' future? You are looking at right now, you have a job right now. But you may be like the large amount of people who have lost their jobs. What will you do? I guess you will cry and get on welfare because you have five kids. But what about the elderly struggling. At least you're 33 years and maybe, just maybe you will be able to find a job if there is something.