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SpeakOut 2/28

Friday, February 28, 2003

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When is the spring cleanup scheduled for Sikeston?

Spring cleanup for Sikeston residents whose trash pickup is on Monday and Thursday will be April 7 and 10; and for residents whose pickup days are Tuesday and Friday, cleanup dates are set for April 15 and 18.

If you are admitted to Missouri Delta Medical Center and you would like your church faculty to know you are there, be sure your name is posted on the minister's sheet. Once again, we are confronted with this "Privacy Act" problem. Could it be that responsible people are not all the time responsible?

This is to the dumb #*%$## Terrorist that would make such a statement in Feb. 17 SpeakOut, like you hope our boys die. Do you realize that the reason you can make such a stupid, irresponsible statement like that is because of the freedom those who have given their lives for their country's freedom provided. You are such a worthless human being that you deserve to be sent back to the country you came from and then try to make a statement like that. When your body is hanging out on the city square as an example of why you don't bad-mouth the dictators, your family can say how bad it is there and you should have shut your mouth and enjoyed your freedom in the U.S. Go home, you terrorist!

President Bush is scared of Iraq. If he wasn't, he would have had the war started by now. He's scared and I hope there isn't going to be a war.

This is for anyone who has a problem with President Bush wanting to go to war. If you know there is somebody who wants to break into your house, and you know they have the desire, means and ability to do it, you don't sit back and wait for them to do it. You go and get them first. That's the same way with President Bush and Saddam Hussein. People say that George Bush is more evil than Saddam Hussein. Look what Hussein has done. He has killed his own people. He killed his own son-in-law. Imagine what he would do to Americans that he doesn't like. So anyone who is against President Bush, I don't know if they're just scared of war or whatever it is. These other countries, the reason they're not with President Bush is because they're not as powerful about America and don't have to worry about being attacked. I am behind President Bush 100 percent and anyone who isn't needs to rethink of why they're not.

On the Feb. 17 front page picture of little Shawn Ferguson on his Spiderman scooter, his expression was priceless. Thanks for sharing it with us.

I am calling about a lady who has been one of my best friends for 12 years. For the past year, she won't hardly talk to me, she won't answer my calls and completely ignores me like I've got a disease or the plague or something. This really hurts my feelings. It also makes me feel inadequate. People should be careful how they treat other people. Should I not let this bother me, or should I confront her?

I don't agree with the person we have in the White House. What is wrong with him? He is so set on war that he can't see past his nose. First, we can't afford war. Look at the economy here in the U.S. There are thousands of people without jobs. That should be his first priority. The elderly need medical help. The elderly and people without jobs are the farthest from his mind. This should be his first priority. Hussein has a right to have arms to be safe, the same as the U.S. Mr. Bush is supposed to be religious. What kind of religion has he got? He needs to be on his knees praying for peace instead of war and causing a lot of people getting killed. Our boys sure don't want to be over there. How would he like to be over there thinking that today could be his last because of being shot at? He should have to go and be on the front lines and let them shoot at him. He has no sympathy or respect for anyone's life. I wonder if he does even for his own family.

Would you please put the number to the Better Business Bureau in SpeakOut?

You can write to the Better Business Bureau, 12 Sunnen Drive, Suite 121, St. Louis, Mo. 63143; or call (314) 645-3300.