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Your View: two views from 10/21

Monday, October 21, 2002

It looks like another war with Iraq is inevitable and we have another Bush in charge, and that frightens me. With Saddam Hussein, this is a Bush Family war - like father, like son. George Bush Senior executed the greatest military blunder in our history in his war with Iraq. Maybe his son will do better.

Most of us agree that Saddam Hussein must be whipped and removed from power. However, some do not believe it has to be started before the election, which is only three weeks away, and with Bush's crumbling economy and his campaign promises gone with the wind. A diversion from things here at home would help them on election day.

No one knows better than the Republicans that Saddam has anthrax, nerve gas and biological weapons because when that actor was President, they gave Saddam the formulas and cultures which he used to kill thousands of his own people. And many Americans may die because of that stupid act. That actor made many more mistakes, most of which we haven't faced yet, but just as stupid.

Now comes John McMillen to their rescue in a letter published on Oct. 8, lashing out at all Democrats who do not agree with President Bush. He wrote, speaking of Democrats, "They just have a different political agenda than Bush. And theirs is not in the interest of what's good for American national security, but rather what's good for the advancement of their anti-traditional America agenda."

According to McMillen, we Democrats are not interested in national security and, among other things, he says we are "anti-traditional Americans." Quite a mouthful, John. You're not talking about any Democrat I know.

The non-McMillen record shows that the Democrats' patriotism is unquestionable on the home front and on the battle front.

Read my lips, John. If you're looking for dirty politics, look no farther than your own party and in this war (again with Iraq), Republicans and Democrats will be side by side. We will not always agree, but we will support our leader.

Franklin Roosevelt told Japan and Germany that we would accept nothing less than unconditional surrender, and he did not stop until he had accomplished that with Harry Truman finishing the job after Roosevelt's death.

I'd like to hear Bush say that before the war starts, and mean it.

W.T. Woods

Nice article! How about writing about shared parenting?

Shared parenting must be the law in this country.

If both parents are fit and it is practicable to do 50/50 (parents living a few miles apart), then no parent should be allowed to deny the other of custody. As we know, if a mother does not want to give the father equal parenting time, all she has to do is say so and the court will grant it. It is unfair to the father and the children.

That's exactly what a Texas judge did to me and my sons. After a New Jersey judge gave me 50/50, I left New Jersey and drove 1,600 miles to Texas where my ex took my sons. But before I could unload my U-Haul, a Texas judge vacated the New Jersey order and reduced me to a mere wallet and a visitor to my children! The judge's stupid reason was that she did not like the idea of the children "packing everything up every time they have to move to the other parent." What was there to pack? Nothing! Everything they need was already in my home.

Please continue writing about this injustice committed against children and fathers.


Mark T Bitara Montgomery, Texas