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Speakout 10/20

Sunday, October 20, 2002

I'm calling about the Oct. 6 SpeakOut, "Stop whining" regarding health insurance rates for state employees. I agree that insurance is too high on everybody. The person who called in made reference that they are a self-employed person. That's very good for them; I'm proud for them. This caller said his or her insurance is $5,000 a year and they have to pay 100 percent of it. I agree that's too much. Health insurance through my work for a family plan is $100 a week ($5,200 a year). So this whining self-employed person doesn't need to feel like he or she is being picked on. There are a lot of us who are paying this much.

I'm just curious. How come every time we turn around, there's always a police officer in the neighborhood. Is it necessary that police officers always have to come down here and bring three or four police cars for one person? I don't think that's right. If too much stuff is going on I understand, but it still understand why it's right for the police to harass us black people in general. And why did the police chief of Sikeston say that every time he's going to catch drug dealers if he can't catch them he's going to kill them.

He said the drug culture would lead to their demise. He did not say he would kill them. Pay attention.

Would you please print your e-mail address for SpeakOut?


You should expand your SpeakOut so that you can handle all of the calls. Many of your readers pass up the headlines for gossip.

Hip, hip, hooray! Well said. Generations creating new generations to live off welfare. People are sick of paying for them. People need to learn the choices they make in life requires responsibilities, commitment, consequences and/or punishment, and not to blame everybody else for the end results of those choices if they are bad. Great article!

I have never before written a member of government of my concerns. I'm not sure I am even reaching the right person to listen to me. Sir, I'm tired. I have worked hard all my life. I sit down and cry every time I get my paycheck and see how much tax I pay to the government. I have people all around me getting free help from the government, and they are as able to work as I am. I don't understand why you insist on rewarding slackers and don't even have a "thank you" to say to those who support them. Things seem so unfair. I know, "life just isn't fair." I'm told this over and over. But just once I would like to see things go my way. I got a $2 check back from the state. I wanted to endorse it, send it to someone in the decision-making arena and tell them to buy a beer on me. Yes, I have a home, a car and barely make it to keep what I have. But I work for it! I work with one person who just got married and she's still collecting money from you to pay for her housing. I know another who just had her ninth child (no daddy) and another who got her car insurance and tires from you. They don't pay near the taxes I do, if they do at all. What is wrong with this picture? I want someone to explain this to me - maybe someone to just tell me "thank you" for being a productive citizen, because we are the ones who provide for these others, too. Thank you for time. By the way, how many bologna sandwiches have you eaten this year? Not as many as me, I'm thinking.

If you have a single long-distance phone, do you have to pay the in-user common line charge of $5.27 a month? We called Southwestern Bell with your question. All phone companies add this charge to their bills. It doesn't matter who your long distance carrier is. The charge is added to everyone's monthly bill.

I have called the city code enforcement officer and have complained many times about my street. The city owns quite a few houses that are vacant on this street and they don't take care of them. There is trash built up on them and everything else. They make us clean up our yards. Why don't they clean up their yards then? We and our neighbors are trying to clean up this neighborhood. They need to take some time out and clean up their property too.

The politicians are at it again. Wouldn't it be wonderful if they would do everything for us that they say? We would be living in paradise. They get on TV and talk. The Bible says that God hates liars. God must really love that bunch. I have voted Democrat and Republican, but I can't take Talent. He has spent all that time in Congress and most of the people didn't even know him. But he gets on TV and says he will do so many things. If he gets in, he will do everything Bush everything tells him to do or Bush will have him in the dog house. The elderly better wake up and vote against him.

I'm calling about an article that was in the paper a few months back. It was about a house that was $500 down and take over the payments for about $300 a month. I wanted to find out if that house is still on the market.

I'm calling about the article in the paper about fixing the child care system. I don't think they need to look at the foster parents. I think they need to look at Family Services. Family Services has come into plenty of parents' homes. They can show that the parents really love them, there was no neglect or anything. They have taken these children. I know people who have lost their five children to the Division of Family Services. These parents work their darndest to make sure their children are well taken care of. So if they want to investigate something, they really need to investigate Family Services down here in the Bootheel because a lot of them don't do their jobs.

The paper said the score would be Hayti 35 to Portageville 20, as they have won 11 straight games and beat some 50-0. They have two teams, one for defense and one for offense and our boys mostly have to play both. I graduated in 1940 and I have a son that Jim McCoy made a man out of him. Jim McCoy is a wonderful person and a fine coach and all the boys admire him. The score was Portageville 20 and Hayti 7. Need I say more?