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SpeakOut 1/30

Thursday, January 30, 2003

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I am very concerned about the PILOT amendment the registers will vote on in February. I don't think you should pass that amendment. The Jan. 19 Your View comment made it real plain. You should pull together. You have around 7,000 registered voters and if there ever was a time when the majority of you should get out there to vote, knowing about this thing, you should be sure and vote. You cab drivers should carry any registered voter who wants to vote, above all if they're going to vote against that thing, haul them free of charge to vote. It wouldn't break you and the good Lord will bless you for it.

Hey, Mike, I agree with you about the flag flap, about Gephardt and Governor Bob. I agree with you 100 percent. By the way, I read something several years ago. The last time Gephardt had run for president, he still had not repaid the loans he borrowed from the government to run for president. I wonder if he's paid them back yet.

I see where Gephardt ordered all the Confederate flags gone and Holden went along with him. I agree with Mike Jensen's editorial 100 percent. I don't think that guy will make it to first base. He wouldn't make a good dog catcher, much less a president.

This is about Roe vs. Wade. I am totally against abortion. Don't pull their right because that baby is supposed to be in this world. Don't use incest as a reason for it because if a woman is sexually abused by a dad, brother or, in some cases a mother, see a clergyman or teacher for help. We are killing more babies every day than we killed in a war in this country. If the United States doesn't think we're going to pay for it, we are. The Bible says those who shed innocent blood will pay and the nation that stands behind it will pay. If does not bring His wrath down on the United States of America, He is going to have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah because that's what we stand for.

I read in SpeakOut about the priest who needs to be prosecuted just like anyone else, like any other pastor or minister who would pull such a thing. I think they need to be hung up by their heels. To take their position and molest children is sick. But how about the parents allowing their children to believe the priests are next to God and they can do whatever, and you have to be whatever they want to be? If I were a parent like that, I'd be ashamed of myself. These are sick priests. They need to be treated just like anybody else that uses children.

Watching Colin Powell's right-hand man, who had given the commencement speech at a U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, I heard him say that some of the reasons we're going after Saddam is because he kidnaps, rapes and tortures his people. Don't the Chinese do these same things? Can't their people be thrown in prison and tortured just for possessing a Bible? The question begs to be asked, why then, does China enjoy "most-favored status?"

I would like to SpeakOut about "state moratoriums on execution of prisoners." It says in the paper, "Holden has said he sees no evidence suggesting the system needs to be changed." This whole system in Missouri looks to me like it needs to be changed. There are prisoners up there because of accidents, prisoners who are not guilty of anything, and they had I guess a three-man jury trial - the judge, the lawyer and a prosecuting attorney - what do you call that? And what Larry Marshall said about sick people being in prison, we know the jury trials. This is a shame. And Holden says this system doesn't need any change? Where's his head and his heart and his bank at?