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Speakout 3/18

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Call 471-6636

This is to anybody who has one of the new dollar coins without "In God We Trust" on them: leave your phone number in SpeakOut. I will pay $1.10 for each of these faulty coins. I like numismatic irregularities and would be happy to add them to my coin collection.

This is to the ones that think we shouldn't have free lunches. You must have no heart when you can't spare a couple extra cents a week from your paycheck for these kids to have a meal everyday at lunch. It is not the kids' fault that the parents can not afford to make their lunches everyday. And the cost of a child taking a lunch from home is not exactly cheap these days. Kids need nutrition to keep them focused in school. That is why the free lunches are so critical. I would rather provide some tax money for them to have that free lunch than having a bunch of kids that are not paying attention in class, and for lack of a better word, being dumb. It is also a great thing that even the children that do not have any money on their account at least get a sack lunch. So I don't know why you are so upset that they have free lunches. For some kids that might be the only meal they get for the day. I just don't understand how people can say that about the children that you don't think they should eat. Maybe someday you will need free lunches for your child or for your grandchild. I bet then you won't complain about it, especially if your child or grandchild comes home crying because they are hungry and you don't have much at home to feed them.

I am writing in regards to the Scott County Jail facility. This is supposed to be a new high-tech facility. Well unfortunately my husband is having to do weekends in jail due to Scott County's wonderful judicial system, and he has said that it is the most disgusting place he has ever seen. Now I understand that jail is not supposed to be nice, but there is mold on the walls and there is human urine and feces on the walls. Also there is food trays stuck under bunks that have been there for a long time. Now the way I see it, if I am paying taxes like everyone else, then this should not occur. Also I believe that trustees are supposed to be allowed to clean. The other thing is my husband also has medical conditions, serious ones, including diabetes. They lost his glucose monitor and didn't find it until a week later. They don't give him his medicine until almost noon and he is supposed to take it twice daily. He doesn't even bother taking the nitro pills and aspirin with him, he is afraid they will loose that as well. I think some changes need to take place before someone dies due to lack of responsibility.

A question, I live in the city limits of Sikeston. I pay taxes to Scott County. Tell me what I would be deprived of if the County offices ceased to exist? Guess I'm not smarter than a fifth grader. Just want to know what does the County give me in return for my tax dollars, besides for schools. I'm putting this in SpeakOut because, if I am supposed to know, I don't want my friends to know I don't know.

Are we becoming a non-thinking, non-functional society? Are we always going to be dependent on someone else to tell us what to do? Since when is censorship a function of government, entertainment or retail outlets? The off and/or mute switch is still operational. I suggest it be used along with a little common sense. The same applies to purchasing power.

Do you know or can you find out who I contact at the city to get them to pick the trash up, such as sacks, paper, wrappers and so forth out of my yard? There is some farmland close by that the city has been mowing for several years. The other day I saw a city truck parked nearby and a man was out in the field picking up the trash. I would sure like to know who I contact.