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Speakout 11/29

Friday, November 29, 2002

This is in response to "Check before you buy." Maybe you should take your own advice. As owner of the business, I am certain you were informed of the damage to the vehicle before you purchased it. I am also certain no one forced you to buy this vehicle. You also signed an "as is" statement before you purchased this vehicle. Get your facts straight before you run your mouth about a business or person. For your information, we have very few flood salvaged vehicles on the lot, so I'm sure there were many other vehicles to choose from either from our lot or from many other used car lots in town. If you feel that you have a legitimate concern, please contact me or come by. I will be happy to address your concern. By the way, when you buy an auto from a discount auto store for less than premium price, you can't complain about a small flaw in the item. It's people like you who make it hard to run a small business in Sikeston. You have a small problem and you think everyone in the world owes you everything. All cars break down. Why do you think the new car dealers have a service department? By the way, most every dealer, whether new or used, has or has had a prior sales vehicle on their lot for sale. If the big dealer owns it, it's worth a lot of money. If you own it, it's worthless. It's called business. Don't blame me for your bad decisions.

This is to the "Check before you buy" person. If you knew the car was water-damaged before you bought it, then why did you buy it? I also bought a water-damaged car and it runs fine. I don't know if you're talking about the same place where I bought mine, but just because a car has had water damage doesn't hurt a car. You buy "as is." After all, it's not a new car. Sounds to me like you're angry at this person and want to get back at them. I'm satisfied with my water-damaged car.

I'm calling about raking your leaves and having the city pick them up, which I sincerely appreciate. I live on the west side and everybody has raked their leaves except some of the white families. I don't understand that. The black people are often criticized about not picking up and keeping things up and not caring. If you live on the west side, you should support the west side or move.

Mike, your Christmas Campaign stinks. You said you are accepting referrals from the police department. What about the people who don't have a criminal record, or the single mothers who are working and raising their children but are not listed with Family Services? How are the police department and homeless shelter going to know these other children are in need, too? The way you have it, only a select few kids will be chosen. I could use help for my utilities and my kid. You should see how families in other towns are helped by their communities and take their lead. The Salvation Army, Toys for Tots, Angel Program and on and on. Several of the families that you will help this year are the very same ones who have been receiving baskets for years. Several of these women keep having babies, are on food stamps and welfare and some of them have boyfriends who could help. I don't have any help. They continue to drink and smoke and party. You should open your eyes and your hearts more because the west end isn't the only ones who need help.

By any definition, the Community Christmas program does not stink. Call us to volunteer and we'll prove it to you. But then again, we have nothing to prove to anyone. Let's get something straight. A number of agencies, social organizations, churches and individuals refer eligible families to our Christmas Campaign. Among the most prominent to refer are the schools. We try to be fairly selective but yes, indeed, some families seem to need assistance year after year after year. In the past we have conducted sign-up days. Two problems. First, we were overwhelmed with literally thousands of people applying. Second, we have no legal standing to call and verify income. We just had to take their word. Sometimes they lied. So now, we seek agencies who deal with families in need. We believe they know better than we do on which families have limited means and a limited support network. And finally, in recent years we have begun allocating 25 percent of the baskets for the elderly. Now, if there is anything else you want to know about the program, give me a call personally and I'll answer. Our books are open if you'd like to look. Other than that, Merry Christmas.