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Super Bowl study uncovers a danger

Thursday, January 23, 2003

In one of the stranger studies on record, researchers have determined that Super Bowl fans - not just those at the game but those at neighborhood parties as well - are much more prone to automobile accidents following the game. And when accidents rise 40 percent, you pay attention.

Researchers in Canada studied traffic records on Super Bowl Sunday from the last 27 years. In virtually every one of those years they noted a major spike in auto mishaps immediately following the game. The researchers cited alcohol and inattention as the reasons for the increase.

You can't ignore a study when the results are as drastic as these. And logic and common sense would tell you that it's understandable that auto mishaps could increase on Super Bowl Sunday especially given the alcohol that surrounds the event.

As with many other studies however, this is yet another exercise in futility. Despite the massive amount of research involved, the lesson still boils down the personal responsibility and common sense on driving and drinking. That is most certainly nothing new. If you don't know by now that drinking and driving are stupid, then you're beyond hope. Another study to drive the point home is just that - another study.

But let's give researchers credit for their efforts. Any discussion is positive that helps people understand the dangers of mixing booze and then getting behind the wheel of a car. It may have little impact but if it saves one life, then the research was worthwhile.

On a closing note, it's ironic that it took a Canadian researcher to study such an American issue? Maybe it's lessons learned from all of those drunken hockey fans.

Go Rams! Oops, not this year.

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