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Your View: two from 11/4

Monday, November 4, 2002

We are appalled at the continuing, relentless attack ads by the Carnahan Campaign against Mr. Talent, notwithstanding the death of his father Saturday night. Not once has that campaign let up on Mr. Talent - whether in the print media or on TV or radio!

In headline after headline in Missouri newspapers and TV/radio stations, our attention has been called to the sudden death of Senator Wellstone, frequently coupling that tragedy with the death of Governor Carnahan two years ago, with the consequent grieving suffered by Mrs. Carnahan resurrected over and over, so as to play the sympathy card for her again.

Yet, little attention is paid to the current grieving by Mr. Talent and his family and the adverse impact it must have on his senatorial campaign.

When Governor Carnahan died in that plane crash, both Congressman Talent, in his run for governor, and Sen. John Ashcroft is his re-election bid, totally ceased their campaigns during the mourning period, out of respect for the Carnahan family. Surely, Mrs. Carnahan and her staff would temporarily do likewise and stop their attack ads on Mr. Talent for at least a few days. But no such courtesy! No such respect! No such honor!

But no! Not only did this attack ad go forward, but it was repeated yesterday and today, and TV ads of a similar negative personal vein were also displayed on TV, without suspension or even any moderation.

Couldn't Mrs. Carnahan at least campaign for a few days on a positive note about her attributes and principles? Couldn't she at least publicly express some sign of sympathy to Mr. Talent and his family?

Voters in Missouri can only compare her current practices with those of Mr. Talent - now and two years ago. Where is her compassion? Where is her sympathy?

Yes, character and integrity do count! And we will keep that in mind as we enter the voting booth on Nov. 5!

Bill and Rosemary Blase Warson Woods

Each year, over 10,000 Missourians die from tobacco use. Nearly one in three of Missouri teens regularly consume tobacco products. Missouri has one of the highest rates of adolescent cigarette use in the nation. Missouri's cigarette tax (today just 17 cents a pack) is one of the lowest in the nation.

These are absolutely appalling figures. As a medical student, I have already seen first-hand the ravages of tobacco use - lives destroyed by heart disease, emphysema and cancer. Sadly, the majority of people become addicted to nicotine in tobacco products as an adolescent or young adult. Because of these facts, I will vote yes on Proposition A when I go to the polls on Nov. 5.

Proposition A - the Healthy Missouri Initiative - will save many lives and lead to substantial improvements in Missouri's health. The cornerstone of Proposition A is an increase in the tax on cigarettes and other tobacco products that will help prevent and reduce the use of tobacco. It is well known, even within the tobacco industry itself, that increasing the price of cigarettes is the most effective means to prevent children from smoking. Statistics show that every 10 percent increase in the price of a pack of cigarettes results in a 7 to 8 percent decline in the number of children who smoke.

The money generated from Proposition A is designed to support trauma care centers, increase health services to financially disadvantaged children and adults, help with prescription drug coverage, as well as help assist other health care initiatives within the state of Missouri. These programs can benefit the entire state of Missouri, including the people of Southeast Missouri.

As a medical student, I am learning every day that nothing is more important than the health and well being of my patients. To that end, I encourage everyone to vote yes on Proposition A on Nov. 5 to help improve the health of all of Missouri.

Donny Lynn Claes, Benton