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SpeakOut 11/7

Thursday, November 7, 2002

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I've been giving this idea a whole lot of thought. Why don't the citizens, between now and April 2003, election time, see if we can't get enough petitions or whatever it takes to bring up before the city board meeting between now and then to get the City of Morehouse a good second-hand for Morehouse City Transit (that's what it would be called). The community building up there could be where citizens could call in. It wouldn't be used for everything. It will be used for older people who need trips to the store or here in town or if they need to go to Sikeston for medicine and things like that. It could be a 15-passenger, a good second hand one and could be financed through, I'm sure you've got some money up there you could scratch up or pull some out and pay so much down. We could work it out if we're willing to try this. I believe if the board could get a good, partially-retired man or someone to take care of this it could work. I believe there are some elderly citizens in Morehouse who would appreciate this.

I worked at Big Lots for six years and finally quit and went to another job, but the people I worked with were so nice and sweet. I fell in love with each and every one of them, men and women both. They gave me a real nice send-off. They gave me a pretty card and all kinds of good things to remember them by. They are nice people and I am really going to miss them. They are: Priscilla, Nelson, Louise, Donna, Jean, Jason, Lori, Mona, Patricia, Glenda, Kristin and Kathy. I love you all and am going to miss you.

I just had some stuff hauled off for the clean-up weekend. I really appreciate these guys who hauled this stuff off for people who don't have the means to do this. I think God is going to bless them for it.

My friend and I attended a homecoming at the Canalou Baptist Church last Sunday and I would like to thank the congregation of the church. They made us feel so welcome and showed so much love. We heard two fine sermons preached that day by the Rev. Dewayne Coleman and the Rev. Dean Wallace. There was a wonderful singing by the Pullen Family and the congregation that day. We also had a good dinner and worshiped and had fellowship with each other, the way Christians should. There are many denominations at the church, but I just want the members and congregation to know that I thank them for showing so much love and kindness toward us. We may be coming back later when they have another special occasion.

I'm calling about this stupid "Most Wanted" in Sikeston. They've got their pictures in the paper along with their addresses. Why don't they just go and arrest those guys?

I saw in the Calendar of Events that the New Madrid County Agri-Women was having a meeting and they were having U.S. Rep. JoAnn Emerson as guest speaker. I didn't know you could sell tickets at a USDA Farm Service Center for a Republican speaker. I thought all government offices were independent and could not promote candidates.