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SpeakOut 2/21

Friday, February 21, 2003

Call 471-6636

The citizens have spoken by voting no on the PILOT, just like we voted no on the swimming pool, which now sits on Tanner Street. I just wonder how long it will take the City Council to launch another Kamikaze pilot to try to bring down the power plant.

Hopefully, our City Council (elected members) read in the Feb. 5 paper about voters' rights from a concerned citizen and clipped it out to take and have posted at each and every one of their meetings, so when they start this "wants" list, they will refer to their "needs" list. That's what the rest of us have to do with our budgets at home, and hopefully, they will do likewise with the taxpayers' money.

To the person who complained about people complaining about making $7 an hour, they need to come and live my life and do my job, because that is all I make and it is barely enough to survive.

There is a little white house on a street in Sikeston where there are all the time teen-agers, and sometimes older people, over there. They seem to have too much traffic over there; something is going on. This place needs to be watched. There is so much traffic and so much noise 24/7.

Caller, we were unable to understand the name of the street you are referring to. Call the Sikeston Department of Public Safety at 471-6200 with your information. Any information you provide will remain confidential.

It looks like Slick Willie turned it around while he was in. It's a fine shape he's got us in. Clinton didn't do a thing for our country.

I feel that we have been discriminated against twice now, by the newspaper and the police department. Every time we call about this loud music that disturbs us day and night, nothing ever gets done. It doesn't get printed in SpeakOut and the police do nothing. I guess there is just no law. I guess my next option is to call the attorney general.

SpeakOut calls sometimes take a week or more to appear in the paper because of the volume of comments we receive and the amount of space we have available on a daily basis. All calls are anonymous, so there is no way SpeakOut can "discriminate" against callers. The majority of SpeakOut calls are printed.

I have called before and didn't see this in SpeakOut. What is the phone number to the little church on Beech Street in Morehouse?

SpeakOut responses have informed us that the building is now used as the "White House Inn." Call Morehouse City Hall at 667-5251 for the information you are seeking.

Thank God for what you're happy about and ask God to change what you're unhappy about.

Can Lance Hanlin or someone else in the sports department tell me if the all-district football players were ever announced? I never did see it in the paper.

The all-region and all-conference football teams ran on Tuesday, Dec. 3.