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SpeakOut 9/3

Tuesday, September 3, 2002

Call 471-6636

I am looking for Charles Warren Lagrand Grissom or anyone who knows of his whereabouts. He needs to call his mother at (605) 718-2713 or e-mail mrsjfasthorse@rushmore.com

My husband said that I should like Mike. He pronounces Missouri like I do. I also agree about Cousin Carl. He would make a good Republican governor. All he does is talk.

Very rarely do I disagree with Michael Jensen's editorials, but concerning the pronunciation of Missouri, I must. The polls were correct. It should be "Missouree." Why would an "i" be changed to "ah?" Why isn't Mississippi pronounced "Mississippah?" And the Missouree Waltz wouldn't rhyme if it were pronounced Missourah. Let's all use Missouree and be correct.

This controversy has split my family down the middle. My mother says it improperly, "rah." The right way is "ree" (but the thing about the Chiefs and the Rams is a joke. Who's won a Super bowl within the last 30 years?)

I'm just a little curious about something. Exactly where did the people go to school that pronounces it "Missourah?" I was taught that "i" at the end of a word is pronounced with an "ee" sound. Has the rule of thumb changed? If so, who changed it?

We would like to thank the Sikeston Jaycees very much for letting the Sikeston Senior Class of 2003 participate in the rodeo this year. It was a great experience for many of us and we all worked hard and had a great time. We appreciate all the Jaycees and think they did a great job on putting on the rodeo. We would like to make a special thank you to the guys who worked closely with us and put up with all of us for all four nights and that is Brad, Matt, Tom and Shawn. Thanks, Guys. Senior Class 03 and MOMS.

It seems to me that dog owners think the dog comes with a right to proudly decorate their neighbor's yard with dog crap that they don't want in their own yard. The frustrated recipient has to choose between leaving it on display, scooping it up or, if they are mowing, running through the crap and enjoying the aroma for the rest of the mowing. Dog owners, please do not use my front yard as a bathroom!