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SpeakOut 11/14

Thursday, November 14, 2002

Call 471-6636

I read the article in the Nov. 4 issue of the Standard Democrat. Where do the American people get off the idea that they feel that everybody in the United States should support people who are too lazy to get out and work and earn any money.?

I would like to SpeakOut about Howard Stern. He's a filthy person; he's nothing but scum. His shows on TV aren't even rated. I wish the FCC would check into this. His shows are filthy. I don't think he's a very good human being and I don't understand why the FCC hasn't investigated this program that comes on every night on the Entertainment Channel. These shows are nothing but filth and our young people are watching it. This program should be taken off the air or put on a pay channel.

If KFVS is wanting to see an "eyesore," they need to come to Matthews at a house on Davis Street.

I am hoping someone out there can help some descendants of brothers Amos C. and Edward McMullin track down some family history. I have been told that there is a cemetery on old Highway 61 south of Morley near the old town of McMullin. The cemetery probably is long forgotten by most but there is a gentleman who works hard at trying to keep it up. We would like to hear from that gentleman or someone who knows who he is. Also, if there are any relatives of the Friend family from Oran whose ancestors were Capt. Charles Friend, John Friend or Jacob Friend, we would be interested in hearing from you. Anyone having a small cemetery on their property in the area of Morley, Benton, Oran or vicinity where McMullins are buried, we would like to hear from you. We are specifically looking for information on husband and wife, Darius McMullin and Katie or Catherine Friend who were married in the early mid 1800s. I also wanted to know if anyone has memories of the Spur Cafe and Gas Station that sat out on the highway outside of Morley, specifically, around 1955-56 when Gene and Theresa McMullin were operating the business. Thanks. Rose McMullin Brock, 7300 Trenton St., Butte, Mont. 59701 or e-mail: rosemarie70@msn.com

Where can people sign up for a Christmas basket? Please put this in Wednesday's paper.

Names of those receiving food baskets are referred to the Community Christmas Campaign through the schools, Department of Public Safety and the homeless shelter. Names of basket recipients are not accepted at the newspaper office.

To the Bootheel Golf Club, staff and all the players, we would like to thank the people who returned our little dog, "Peanut" to us. We would also like to thank the Standard Democrat for printing the article and for caring so much. Peanut plays at the first 18 holes and he is so happy to be back with us.

Can anyone out there tell me the name of the little two-headed girl? One head is named Brittany and the other is Abbie. I wish to look them up on their website but I do not know their last name. Please help if you can.