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SpeakOut 2/13

Thursday, February 13, 2003

Call 471-6636

The average bill in Sikeston is supposed to be $60 a month. For some stupid reason, I always thought I was average. I live in a middle class neighborhood, have a middle class home and a middle class income. According to our City Council, I am not average, my friends are not average, my neighborhood is not average. And I'll bet our City Council members are not average either. I cannot imagine anyone in Sikeston who use air conditioning in the summer having a $60 bill. Some of our elderly cannot pay their summer bill now, so a lot of them do without air. What is it about the word "contract" that the City Council doesn't understand? These are business people. What about Wal-Mart, Lowe's and our grocery stores. How much will their bills go up? Do you think they're going to eat it? No way. It will be passed off on us to pay. Most of us have contracts with banks, mortgage companies, lenders, finance companies and we expect these contracts to be honored. Now these companies come and say, "You know we went over our budget and, in order to be able to serve you, we will have to increase your payment by 3 percent, and if that doesn't work, it could be more." Gosh, what a deal. Let's go with the 3 percent, because it could be more. How will any big company come to Sikeston knowing that an election of our City Council could change everything? I may not be average, but I can smell when something stinks. SBMU has failed a legally binding agreement with outside cities to buy power from our power plant. I'm sure they'll roll over and say, "Sure, Sikeston. We're going to come to rescue. No way are we going to sue you. Just tell them how much you need."

Does anyone know and address or telephone number to where I can order Space Shuttle Columbia or NASA merchandise?

Because of us who died on the beaches of Normandy and the Pacific and froze in the Ardennes, you are free to choose to go to the moon. We did not have that choice and a large portion of our country did not give us thanks.

I just read the Council proposal is going to the dogs. I have a pit bull (this is my second one) and I don't agree a bit with the insurance. It's how you raise them. If the Council gets this passed, we all might as well carry $50,000 of insurance on our kids just in case they cause injury to another.

I am not a city employee, never have been and never will be. Thank you, citizens of Sikeston, for your overwhelming rejection of the PILOT proposition. Now you can see more BMU excesses like new cars and trucks every year, $500,000 fences to hide plants, no accountability whatsoever on funds, and I hope all the bond holders here in town who are getting rich off the profits generated by the BMU are happy. Congrats. Once again, the voters of Sikeston have proven that they are complete and utter dummies.

Sanitized for SpeakOut version of an alleged comment made by an irate Sikeston City Councilman to a member of the utility board after the PILOT plot pooped: "BM on U!"

vRates are questioned

Why does it cost so much to have a Post Office box in East Prairie? It's $19 for six months. I just moved here from Morehouse and it was between $20 and $22 for a year. What's the big difference over here? Sikeston isn't even that high. The $19 is for a little bitty box. I'm going to call the postmaster and complain about this because it's a bunch of bull.

Where do you go to register to vote? Today was election day and I registered at the license bureau one time but they never sent me a voter registration card.

Check with City Hall or register at the Scott County Courthouse Benton or the New Madrid County Courthouse in New Madrid (depending on which county your residence is in).

Why can't I get animal control to come out and pick up loose dogs on Gladys Street. I have called several times and they always say he's out of town or on his way. Please let me know why I can't get him to come pick up these stray dogs.

I'm calling about the SpeakOut calls concerning a white church in Morehouse. The caller didn't give the address of the church or say if they're looking for a male pastor or a female one. Or does it matter to them? If the caller will leave a phone number in SpeakOut, I'll call them back.