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Speakout 11/23

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

DFS needs to investigate a woman with kids who has no place to live. They get food stamps and money but live on the street with their children. This needs to be investigated. The schools should look into where the kids live and where they are bussed from. They would learn that where they are living is not an appropriate place for them to be staying. It will be getting cold outside and the kids need a place to live.

Call the Division of Family Services at 472-5222.

I enjoyed the Christmas walk in downtown Sikeston. My concern is, why doesn't someone clean up those two empty storefronts in the middle of the block and that junk shop on the corner? How long is that mess going to remain in what we call our beautiful, historic downtown area? Shame on the owners of those properties.

I want to congratulate all you so-called Christians who re-elected your "brother" for president for four more years. This past week, 38 of our soldiers are dead and 400 wounded, so all you Republicans better be on your knees praying for the Lord to forgive you for helping to kill all these soldiers and 1,200 Iraqis. When you try to wash the blood off your hands, it won't come off until judgment day.

I am calling about the New Madrid teacher who is charged with sexual offenses against young boys. What kind of charges have been brought against the mothers and the fathers of these children who are out at that time of night and where were they? I don't think this is completely a one-charge thing. This teacher needs help badly, but I think these parents should be charged with some kind of crime, also.

I think the prosecutors and DPS need to ask this question. If we're spending $1 billion a year for the war on drugs and $1 billion a day for Americans and Iraqis getting killed, and if we're going to go and spend all this money on the war on drugs, it seems like they could take measures to totally clean Sikeston up. As far as anybody doing all the drugs and stuff, ask DPS officers and detectives. They will tell you, "We're never going to end it."

To the person who just stole the lighted reindeer from my yard on Poplar Street in Morehouse, ha ha! You didn't get the deer's antlers. I threw them away. It's pretty bad when the "Grinch" is already running around trying to steal Christmas. It's pretty low that you would steal someone's Christmas from their yard. For your information, the deer belonged to a little girl who is not well. I hope you have a very bad Christmas!