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SpeakOut 1/24

Friday, January 24, 2003

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Whoever wrote the Your View article, "Stop housing program," you are absolutely correct. Something needs to be done. I'm not against helping those who cannot help themselves, but others need to be rooted out of their comfort zone. Section 8 makes it hard for the renters who are paying out of pocket because landlords know they can get more money from Section 8 renters. Most Section 8 renters don't care enough about property to take care of it but landlords can take repair expenses off their taxes. So it's hard for the rest of the rent payers who have to sacrifice.

I agree with the Your View article on Jan. 15 about the Section 8 housing. They've made a slum out of the whole community and I too think they should do something about it.

I have lived in Sikeston for several years. Any time there is a snow storm, we wait and wait and the school board waits until the last minute to put it on TV, usually after the kids try to figure out if they are supposed to go to school. As of this morning's snow storm, we've been sitting here and it is now 7:50 a.m. and it still has not shown up on KFVS-TV. I called the radio station here in Sikeston and was told that the school has been closed now for well over an hour and no report was on TV. I think the Sikeston school district should take better charge so parents and children can make other arrangements and parents won't have to rush around to try to find care for their children or miss a day of work. We would appreciate it if someone could take a few seconds to get the information out early enough so people in Sikeston can make the necessary preparations for the day, like the other school districts do. I would appreciate it if you would take this into serious consideration.

I'm calling about Charleston schools that were dismissed today (Jan. 16). What's wrong with the administration? They waited until 7 a.m. to call school off and it wasn't even announced on KFVS because they waited so late. We have teachers who come as far as Cape and have already left before 7 a.m. Are they so unconcerned about the safety of our children and more worried about the money they're going to miss out on that day? I did call and they said they were sorry. But this is not the first time this has happened. They always wait way-late before they call. Other schools call in enough time. Why can't Charleston? I wish they would address this matter and not just say they're sorry and just say the words. I wish they'd actually do something about it.

East Prairie does have a big problem. I'm glad somebody agrees with me. We don't need two city administrators. If one can't do the job, let them go. If you or I couldn't do our job, we would be out the door. East Prairie, let's get together and get this problem taken care of.