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SpeakOut 2/17

Monday, February 17, 2003

Call 471-6636

Bush is looking for bin Laden and is killing a lot of people because he's looking for bin Laden. If we go to war with Iraq, I hope Iraq stands up to Bush and I hope a lot of our United States soldiers come back. What Bush is doing is wrong. I hope they get Bush. I'm a United States citizen, but I think what he's doing is wrong.

It looks like we're going to be in war pretty soon with Iraq. I don't believe Bush has any business going over there and taking over the country. If it really is a war, I hope there are a lot of casualties in the U.S. Army. I hope Iraq is ahead on the United States. This is just my opinion and I just want everyone to know that's how I feel about our President.

I thought W.T. Woods had done passed on, but I saw in the paper where he blew some steam off. That ought to relieve him for awhile.

The next time I am stopped by the Missouri State Highway Patrol, I hope they are as good as the police are here in Sikeston. When I get stopped on the highway, I get a ticket. But if you get stopped here in Sikeston (like I've called DPS about loud music), all they do is advise them of the law. I sure hope the highway patrol will be that nice the next time they stop me, and just advise me of the law.

I live in Miner too and am calling about the mail. I read the stuff in the Feb. 7 SpeakOut. It doesn't make any difference what the weather is out here. It's unpredictable!

The person who said Sikeston needs more jobs is so right. I'm a retired man now but my wife and some of my children still work in Sikeston. You do need to get on the ball there and set up some long-range plan for jobs. You should be planning on how to build a 50-75,000-foot-factory building in the Industrial Park. Take off from there. Sit down and call the people in those foreign countries. China is just booming over there. Talk to the industrialists over there. They'll be glad to come over here and talk with you - whatever it takes to get more jobs in Sikeston. I agree with the caller, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. This needs to be turned around. We're not in the best of economic situations anyway, and this war we're about to face isn't going to help. So, Sikeston, get with it. You don't have time to play around.

This booming music has taken over South West Street, William and Agnes Street areas of Sikeston again. DPS can't seem to locate them, or if they do, they just talk to them. What can be done? Is it still a law that they can't be playing music so loud that it shakes the windows in our houses?

To the young people who are coming into the world. I have some good advice for you. Don't get addicted to alcohol or illegal drugs. At a young age, I was addicted to alcohol and it took me 25 years to be cured, to be healed. Those who are taking drugs today are turning into be alcoholics and bring so much pain on their loved ones, especially their parents. They cut their lives by many years. Drugs will kill you. Alcohol will kill you. And man can't heal you. You can take your problems to man. You can go to a psychiatrist and he can't help you that much. But God can help you. If you want to turn your problems over to God and give your addiction to God, He can heal you. I just want to say to the young people, don't get addicted to any illegal drugs or alcohol. It brought me down and I am just asking you to say no. You have so much to live for - a good education, eventually you will have your own family and once you have your own family and children, you will see how they can hurt you by having some kind of disease such as alcohol, tobacco or drugs. So, when someone offers you a drink, just say no.