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SpeakOut 12/18

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Call 471-6636

To the person who has my dog "Buffy," she is a large dog, part Austrian Shepherd and German Shepherd is greyish-brown with black mix. My name and phone number are on her collar, so you know who she belongs to. She should have her medicine and isn't used to staying out all the time. I am a disabled veteran and inside most of the time, and my dog was my companion. Please release her at the Murray Lane Veterinary Clinic or on School Street and she will come home. Please let her come home. If you do, I will be eternally grateful.

This is in response to the person who made the comment about the decorations in East Prairie. If they have got time to sit back and criticize how things are done, then they have time to help with getting things done. An announcement was run in the paper asking for anyone to come help decorate. We received no responses. So if you aren't willing to help, don't be so willing to criticize.

I would like to ask all cashiers to stop licking their fingers before they give the customers their receipts or cash back. This is so gross. It is rude for you to do this to a customer.

I would like to thank Cleo and Gloria for saving my hair. I called and asked what to do to help my hair and they told me exactly what to do and I did that. Thanks.

I was listening to the police scanner on Dec. 4, when we got all of that snow. I also think the fire department and the Rescue Squad did a fine job, along with the police.